All Character Skins in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Full List

Picking a racer has never been more fun!

Featuring all the characters from Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart, CTR Nitro-Fueled offers you more racers and more customization than ever before!

In addition to the ability to customize karts, you can customize Racers with "N. sane" Character Skins. This allows you to adorn characters with a zany sense of swag and personality.

Also new to the CTR experience are unique podium animations available to certain skins, making celebrating victories even more amazing.

Character Skins Types

Other than the Basic appearance of the Characters, there are two tiers of Character Skins in CTR Nito-Fueled: Exotic and Legendary.

  • Exotic Skins share the same models and animations as the default character, but with different fur color schemes. They can be unlocked by winning races and by progressing through Adventure mode.
  • Legendary Skins have unique models, wear crazy outfits, and they come with their own special podium animations. They can be purchased in the Pit Stop with Wumpa Coins and unlocked via Grand Prix. Legendary Skins are marked in the list below with [L].

PlayStation 4 players can also re-live the '90s with PS4 Exclusive Retro Skins for Crash, Coco, and Cortex.

Character Skins Full List

Below you find the full list of all Character Skins available in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, including Exotic and Legendary Skins [L], and with a note for those exclusive to certain editions or bonuses.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

  • Shiba Crash
  • Skunk Crash
  • Blue Hyena Crash
  • Retro Crash (PlayStation 4 exclusive)
  • Aviator Crash (from Crash Bandicoot: Warped) [L]
  • Scuba Crash (from Crash Bandicoot: Warped) [L]
  • Biker Crash (Nitro Tour Grand Prix) [L]
  • Star Crash (from Crash Tag Team Racing) (Nitros Oxide Edition) [L]
  • Electron Crash (Pre-Order Bonus) [L]
Dr. Neo Cortex

Dr. Neo Cortex

  • Green Cortex
  • Red Cortex
  • Blue Cortex
  • Retro Cortex (PlayStation 4 exclusive)
  • Ninja Cortex (from Crash Tag Team Racing) [L]
  • Robo-Cortex [L]
  • Pharaoh Cortex (Nitro Tour Grand Prix) [L]
  • Star Cortex (Nitros Oxide Edition) [L]
  • Electron Cortex (Pre-Order Bonus) [L]
Tiny Tiger

Tiny Tiger

  • Tiny Doberman
  • Tiny White Tiger
  • Tiny Cheetah
  • General Tiny [L]
  • Football Tiny [L]
  • Tiny Biker (Nitro Tour Grand Prix) [L]
Coco Bandicoot

Coco Bandicoot

  • Blue Coco
  • Lynx Coco
  • Purple Coco
  • Retro Coco (PlayStation 4 exclusive)
  • Princess Coco (from Crash Tag Team Racing) [L]
  • Beach Coco [L]
  • Star Coco (Nitros Oxide Edition) [L]
  • Electron Coco (Pre-Order Bonus) [L]
Dr. N. Gin

Dr. N. Gin

  • Blue N. Gin
  • Yellow N. Gin
  • Green N. Gin
  • Ballerina N. Gin (from Crash Tag Team Racing) [L]
  • Chef N. Gin [L]
  • Crash Test Dummy N. Gin (Nitro Tour Grand Prix) [L]


  • Gorilla Dingodile
  • Camo Dingodile
  • Panda Dingodile
  • Hazmat Dingodile [L]
  • Beach Dingodile [L]
  • Painter Dingodile (Nitro Tour Grand Prix) [L]


  • Grizzly Polar
  • Panda Polar
  • Red Panda Polar
  • Fisherman Polar [L]


  • White Tiger Pura
  • Cheetah Pura
  • Black Cat Pura
  • Musketeer Pura [L]
Penta Penguin

Penta Penguin

  • Penta Blue Jay
  • Penta Canary
  • Penta Parrot
  • Penta Ninja [L]
Ripper Roo

Ripper Roo

  • Green Ripper Roo
  • Yellow Ripper Roo
  • Pink Ripper Roo
  • Gentleman Ripper Roo [L]
Papu Papu

Papu Papu

  • Crimson Papu Papu
  • Purple Papu Papu
  • Green Papu Papu
Komodo Joe

Komodo Joe

  • Red Komodo Joe
  • Green Komodo Moe
  • Purple Komodo Joe
  • Komodo Khan [L]


  • Purple Suit Pinstripe
  • White Suit Pinstripe
  • Yellow Suit Pinstripe
  • Gangster Pinstripe [L]
Fake Crash

Fake Crash

  • Chipmunk Fake Crash
  • Raccoon Fake Crash
  • Pink Fake Crash
  • Cowboy Fake Crash [L]
Nitros Oxide

Nitros Oxide

  • Beetle Nitros Oxide
  • Watermelon Nitros Oxide
  • Lady Bug Nitros Oxide
  • Hot Rod Nitros Oxide [L]
  • Shower Cap Nitros Oxide [L]
  • Star Nitros Oxide (Nitros Oxide Edition) [L]
N. Tropy

N. Tropy

  • Quartz N. Tropy
  • Carbon Fiber N. Tropy
  • Purple N. Tropy
  • Digital N. Tropy [L]
Crunch Bandicoot

Crunch Bandicoot

  • Husky Crunch
  • Rottweiler Crunch
  • Dalmatian Crunch
  • Dirt Bike Crunch [L]
  • Racer Crunch [L] (Nitro Tour Grand Prix)
  • Robot Crunch (Nitros Oxide Edition) [L]


  • Jungle Krunk
  • Flamingo Krunk
  • Yeti Krunk
Small Norm

Small Norm

  • Bandit Small Norm
  • Golfer Small Norm
  • Kabuki Small Norm
Big Norm

Big Norm

  • Bandit Big Norm
  • Golfer Big Norm
  • Kabuki Big Norm


  • Orca Nash
  • Mahi Mahi Nash
  • Clownfish Nash
N. Trance

N. Trance

  • Green N. Trance
  • Yellow N. Trance
  • White N. Trance
  • Life Saver N. Trance [L]
Real Velo

Real Velo

  • Aqua Real Velo
  • Yellow Real Velo
  • Red Real Velo


  • White Geary
  • Blue Geary
  • Green Geary


  • Red Zam
  • Purple Zam
  • Yellow Zam
  • Bulldog Zam [L]


  • Aqua Zem
  • Violet Zem
  • Solar Flare Zem
  • Punk Zem [L]


  • Summertime Tawna
  • White Tiger Tawna
  • Safari Tawna
  • Motorsport Tawna [L]


  • Honey Bee Ami
  • Summertime Ami
  • Raccoon Ami
  • Motorsport Ami [L]


  • Bubblegum Megumi
  • Beach Megumi
  • Lemonade Megumi
  • Motorsport Megumi [L]


  • Pop Liz
  • Pink Liz
  • Ocelot Liz
  • Motorsport Liz [L]


  • Mermaid Isabella
  • Neon Isabella
  • Racer Isabella
  • Motorsport Isabella [L]
Baby T.

Baby T.

  • Blue Baby T
  • Purple Baby T
  • Orange Baby T
  • Fake Baby T
Baby Crash

Baby Crash

  • Cheetah Baby Crash
  • Panda Baby Crash
  • Plush Baby Crash
Baby Coco

Baby Coco

  • Kitty Baby Coco
  • Plush Baby Coco
  • Candy Baby Coco


  • Superflame Spyro
  • Icebreath Spyro
  • Dark Spyro


  • Blue Panther Hunter
  • Cotton Candy Hunter
  • Green Tiger Hunter
Gnasty Gnorc

Gnasty Gnorc

  • Spyro Purple Gnasty Gnorc
  • Stone Gnasty Gnorc
  • Magma Gnasty Gnorc
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