We tell you how to open the sunken crypt in the swamp biome in Valheim and how to get the required key. One of the doubts that every adventurer in Valheim may have as they progress is how to open the crypt sunk in the swamp biome, and also all those crypts that we cannot go through when we arrive in this area, and that is that before we require a very particular and its way of achieving it is not entirely simple.

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Once you have passed the first hours of play, the adventure in Valheim will get complicated, and after the black forest, we have to reach the Swamp Biome where we will find a lot of crypts that we will not be able to open.

In principle, if you have gone in the order you should not have a problem when you get to this area and you will be able to open all the crypts, but if not, you will need to know a couple of tips to continue moving forward.

Where Is the Sunken Crypt?

The sunken crypt is found in the Swamp Biome, which comes after that of the Black Forest. We are going to find a lot of these crypts that contain wealth and elements that you are going to want to obtain, but first, you must do something to be able to access each one of them.

In principle, it is not much of a mystery, because the crypts have large torches around an iron door with bars. Inside these crypts, you will find a lot of enemies in each of the tunnels and therefore you must be equipped with at least bronze armour and weapons.

In these crypts, you will find areas blocked by scrap piles and that will give you iron scrap that will be used to turn them into iron bars in the foundry, which will open the door to forging iron tools and armour.

How to Access the Crypt

For this, you need a key, a master key that you get after defeating the second enemy in the game, The Elder.

When you get to the black forest, you must find a location where you must interact with runestones in the burial chambers and thus summon the enemy, requiring three ancestral seeds that you can find from grey dwarves and shamans or destroying nests of this type of enemies in the biome.

You must burn three of these Ancient Seeds for the enemy to be summoned.

This is an enemy with three attacks. In the battle, it will trample you like an area attack with effect. He then has a ranged attack where he shoots projectiles. He can finally summon different vines from the ground that could attack and trap you.

To face the enemy, use your pickaxe to get the necessary resources to make bronze armour, a better bow than the one you had before, many fire arrows and healing potions. When you are facing the enemy you can make use of the pillars in his summoning area to block the projectiles, and try to place bonfires on the ground so that he can step on them and thus you can weaken him little by little.

As soon as you have defeated it, you will receive a power that will increase your speed when it comes to obtaining the resource of wood.

You will also get the key that unlocks the crypts in the Swamp Biome.

As you can see, if you play your games naturally, you will reach the swamp biome with the corresponding key to open all the crypts and continue advancing in your adventure in Valheim.

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