With Capcom's recent reveals and a showcase of upcoming Resident Evil projects on the 21st of October, what are some of the Resident Evil 4 Remake release expectations?

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As the title is on the horizon with the release set for March 24th of 2023, there are many things to analyze.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Release Expectations

Resident Evil 4 Remake Release

 Credit:  Capcom

The showcase managed to reveal a substantial amount of gameplay and story sequences most fans will be familiar with from the original. Most of this revolved around the first village section, which gave the first look at the new designs of enemies, and more noticeably the chainsaw-wielding Dr. Salvador.

As promised by Capcom, the game appears to stay true to the original's roots with both its combat and landscape, whilst opting for a much more intense and survival horror style of gameplay. Based on the initial reveal during the PlayStation's State of Play in June, fans had assumed that the Remake would align with a darker tone and higher level of seriousness.

Leon's one-liners are clearly still present as revealed in the Village gameplay segment after setting the cow on fire stating "bill me for the repairs later", and the note of his classic bingo line is still present. Leading off of this, it is likely that Capcom will aim to blend the cheesy, fun, and cheeky dialogue while giving more attention to what is happening in the Village and how serious it is.

Unlike what you are used to at the start, the dog players would normally be able to save is dead this time around. This is very clearly done to let you know that you are up for a different ride than you are accustomed to.

Fans should expect drastic twists and turns both in gameplay and story sequences, as some of the unused enemy designs from the original's concept and credits art are present here. The chances of the terrifying hookman from the canceled version of Resident Evil 4 being placed here are at a high, as the opportunities for Capcom are endless.

As a whole for Resident Evil 4 Remake's expectations, if this showcase is a summary of what the game has to offer much as the original did, then we can almost certainly expect a large majority of this title to be central on more survival horror. Encounters now have a chance to be genuinely scary and more akin to what their predecessors are popular for.


Is There Any Content Before Release?

The Resident Evil Village Gold Edition currently has a demo available for players to experience, and while there was no discussion of one for Resident Evil 4 Remake, it definitely isn't out of the question.

With Capcom's focus more central on the Resident Evil 8 DLC and its upcoming release at this point in time, the chance of a Village demo is likely if we are to go by previous Resident Evil periods before release.

There are multiple options in terms of locations, weapons, and action sequences Capcom can choose from before players can finally get their hands on the full experience and see what the Remake has to offer.

These were our Resident Evil 4 Remake release expectations, and what are yours? Let us know!

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