The Resident Evil 8 Village arsenal is made up of more than fifteen different weapons: from the most basic like the M1897 Shotgun to very special ones like Chris Redfield's Karambit Knife or the LZ Answerer lightsaber. During the adventure, you will find some without any problems, but in the case of others, you must remain vigilant if you want to obtain it. In our comprehensive guide, you will find out how to get every weapon in Resident Evil Village.

How To Get Every Weapon In Resident Evil Village

How To Get Every Weapon In Resident Evil Village

Weapons that are obtained in the first game

There are seven weapons that you can get during the first game (plus an extra one that is part of a bonus DLC for pre-ordering the game). You receive the first one automatically, but the rest you must find yourself. We tell you where to find them.

  • LEMI Gun

It is obtained automatically during the first bars of the story, in the Road to the village section.

  • Shotgun M1897

You can find it on a table in one of the houses in the area where you have to resist the first wave of enemies on the way to the village.

  • F2 sniper rifle

You will easily see it on the way to the rooftops of Dimitrescu Castle, just after entering the passage behind the portrait of Lady Dimitrescu.

  • M1911 pistol

In the village workshop (1st visit), by entering the code 070408 in the lock of the cupboard.

  • Shotgun W870 TAC

You can find it as soon as you complete the House of Beneviento. On the way back to the village, you will be able to enter a couple of houses that were previously inaccessible.

  • GM79 grenade launcher

You cannot get it until the third visit to the village, at which time you must use the insignia key that you already have in your possession to open the house that you saw at the beginning of the game next to the strange old woman.

  • Revolver M1981 Wolfsbane

After defeating Moreau, you can go back to the beginning of the dam and use the crank to open the locked door located between the mill and the entrance to the area. The tunnel will take you to the chest containing the weapon in question. More information about the M1851 Wolfsbane Revolver is the following link.

  • Samurai Edge Pistol

It is Albert Wesker's favourite, and is part of a pre-order bonus (it is also included in the Deluxe Edition of the game). If you have it, it will appear in the Duke's store the first time you see it and its price will be practically ridiculous.

Weapons that are obtained in New Game Plus

The following weapons are added to the Duke's inventory once you have completed the first game and load the data on that same file to start the New Game Plus. Get more information about everything you unlock after beating the game at this link.

  • V61 Custom pistol

It is sold by the Duke, but only from the second game.

  • SYG-12 shotgun

It is sold by the Duke, but only from the second game.

  • Magnum S.T.A.K.E

It is sold by the Duke, but only from the second time playing the game. Check its characteristics in this link.

Weapons obtained through the Extras Shop

The most special weapons can be obtained as soon as you complete the game for the first time and access the Extras Store. You can get some quick, but there are others that require you to meet certain requirements before they can be acquired.

  • WCX Short Assault Rifle

Requirements: none.

  • Karambit Knife

Requirements: none.

  • USM-AI gun

Requirements: none.

  • Dragoon assault rifle

Requirements: none.

  • PZ hand cannon

Requirements: complete the story on hardcore difficulty.

  • Rocket gun

Requirements: complete the story on Shadow Village difficulty.

  • LZ Answerer lightsaber

Requirements: Achieve rank level SS on all Mercenary levels. It is a very special weapon, as it changes its capabilities depending on the color of its blade. 

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