Now is the time to find out how to play Deathloop. It is a development that has many elements of other previous games from the studio, such as Dishonored, and is characterized by enormous freedom of action. Let's begin with our Deathloop Preview.

What Deathloop is All About?

Stealth mechanics, exploration, and a wide range of possibilities to navigate through the scenarios are incorporated under the schemes of an FPS. We could break through with everything at each level, reach the visionary on duty and eliminate him, although that is an almost impossible task even for a Deathloop preview.

It is best to start with stealth, by recognizing the safest paths, and the "traps" such as automatic turrets, explosive mines, or cameras, which we can hack and use to our advantage.

In some rounds we will discover pieces of information that advance the plan, in others, we will only get equipment upgrades and a bit of waste to preserve it. And in most, we will face very varied puzzles and situations.

Because despite repeating the same scenarios over and over again, Deathloop manages to show us new elements constantly and makes us more and more immersed in its plot. An important part of this is how the relationship between Colt and Julianna evolves.

Deathloop Preview

Blackreef Island

Regarding the game scenario, Blackreef, we find an island divided into four sectors, the Complex, Updaam, Karl's Bay, and Fristad Rock, which show differences depending on the time we visit them and the information in our possession. They are four very open scenarios, full of alternative routes and variable elements.

What do we mean? To areas that may be empty in the morning and that at night become the scene of a party, areas that will only be accessible after finding a key or activating an energy source, or waters that freeze at dusk and form a path.

The retro-futuristic artistic line that permeates the game (reminiscent of movies like A Clockwork Orange or games like We Happy Few) has also been transferred to the architecture and design elements of the maps.

The same we find cities of European inspiration, that military bases that seem to be taken from a James Bond movie. And all these locations are built vertically: from underground tunnels to floors of various heights.

To give more variety to the development, at certain times of the day we find maps where a party, a scientific experiment, or a space-themed role-playing game takes place.

In addition to the final confrontations and Julianna's appearances, which changes strategy depending on where we are.

Colt's Powers

The protagonist of Deathloop has a unique power; he is able to remember what happens in each of the time loops. But that is not enough to carry out his mission. So he is also capable of equipping up to three firearms, a machete, and a device to hack security measures.

Depending on the level of the weapons, we can modify them with devices, which work as perks, and adds secondary effects, more capacity, or reduction of the recoil. It would be a shame to lose them when starting a new day, right?

That's why another of Colt's possibilities is to collect the residue of the fallen enemies and imbue the weapons, the devices, and the character improvements so that they remain in our inventory.

The same goes for special powers, such as Aether, Bankruptcy, Karnesis (a telekinetic attack), or Nexus, which causes several nearby enemies to take the damage that we inflict on one of them. We can improve and imbue them, but to get hold of them we will have to kill the visionary who owns them first.

It is a system that rewards the player the further they advance - as long as they survive the level - but more "elegant" than the classic level-ups. So we modify our assassin according to a style of play.

The combination of two High Caliber Bombards with the Chaos ability is ideal for those who want to wreak destruction, while a Nail Gun and Aether lend themselves more to infiltration.

A Game at the Height of Arkane

As we have already anticipated, it is difficult to explain everything that Deathloop offers. With our Deathloop preview, we dive deeper where the development studio has defined it as a Dishonored with weapons, and it is so in many ways. When we started playing we didn't know what to expect, but in the end, we were captivated.

Deathloop is a game that requires attention and creativity, that is loaded with information at every step we take, and that is played like a "shooter" although it has the soul of a puzzle.

For us, this is one of the most interesting surprises of the year, and a real exercise by the development team to offer something new within the genre. If we pay attention to all the dialogues, animated sequences, calls, and documents, we will also discover that it is written with ingenuity and a great level of detail.

In addition, Colt and Julianna are two characters that have captivated us. And the feeling of having solved the puzzle has made us feel like true geniuses... of murder.

For more guides and impressions, you can find them here at GamesAtlas.

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