PoE 3.20 Release Date has been postponed to a later date.

Path of Exile, or PoE for short, is a hack-and-slash game where leagues change every 3 months.

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Now let's jump right into the article!

When Exactly Can We Expect PoE 3.20 Release Date?

PoE 3.20 Release Date has been delayed for early December and it's one out of two leagues that have been rescheduled in 3.X game versions. The reasons for that are new game releases or expansions to others in November and the end of the year holidays period. 

Grinding Gear Games always aimed for those windows in the year when you don't have to split your time between Path of Exile and other games. They also want to give you as much time to play PoE as possible and aim for a holiday period where people will have more time that they don't have to spend at work.

As mentioned earlier 3.20 Release Date has been delayed and the exact date is not known yet, but we can predict it with our experience from the last leagues.

The most possible dates are 2nd December or 9th December. Those two dates are pretty much a good time to release 3.20 Expansion as other leagues released that time.

Poe 3.20 Release Date

Screenshot: Game Atlas, Credit: Steamcharts

What Will Change in PoE 3.20 Expansion?

As soon as the PoE 3.20 Release Date was announced there was also a new game mode mentioned. Hard Mode is planned for being released alongside PoE 3.20 expansion.

Before actual patch notes, there will be a series of balance manifestos. Usually, there was only one manifesto, a month away from the league start, and then the actual balancing patch note.

This time around, there will be more manifestos, which will provide more communication between the community and game developers and that will lead to better experiences during the actual league.


Poe 3.20 Release Date

Credits: Grinding Gear Games


Of course, more balance manifestos don't mean there will be an enormous number of changes. Some manifestos will be topics that consider one change that is needed for separate testing and feedback. It will lead to more satisfying changes that people won't complain about.

Can we Expect Something Before 3.20 Expansion?

Besides announcing a delay of PoE 3.20 Release Date, Grinding Gear Games announced up to 4 short events that will vary from normal Path of Exile gameplay.

The first known event will launch 4th of November and the theme will be Halloween including microtransactions such as hideouts, pets, gear skins, and many more. There is still no information on what will be exactly happening at this event, but there will be a lot of prizes for the fastest players. 

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Events will last up to one week and will be similar to events that happened in the past. Probably something like "who first will kill X bosses wins". Of course, it's not like only first place wins, but we can't say yet up to which place are rewards. You can of course join the race not for prices but for fun and experiencing something new.

Poe 3.20 Release Date

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

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