Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Cheats Codes List (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch)

In this page you can find the full list of all the Cheat Codes available in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and how to activate them on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Some of the cheats carried over from the original PS1 Crash Team Racing, but others haven't made their way to the remaster / remake of the game.

Warning: Activating any cheat code (except the one for Penta Penguin) will disable Trophies / Achievements, Grand Prix Challenges, Wumpa Coins Rewards and High Scores for the current session. Your general game save will not be affected.

How to Enter Cheat Codes in CTR Nitro-Fueled

To enter Cheat Codes in CTR Nitro-Fueled, from the Main Menu Screen hold down both bumpers on the controller: 

  • On PlayStation 4, hold L1+R1
  • On Xbox One, hold LB+RB
  • On Nintendo Switch, hold L+R

Then, enter a button combination from the list below.

Note: You cannot activate more than one cheat at a time. You must first deactivate the current cheat to enable a new one, To deactivate a cheat, enter Adventure Mode or simply reboot the game.

CTR Nitro-Fueled Cheat Codes List

While holding the respective bumpers (L1+R1 on PS4, LB+RB on Xbox), enter the following button combinations to activate the corresponding cheat:

Penta Penguin Character

Penta Penguin is a secret character that can only be unlocked with this cheat code. This is the only cheat code that will not disable Trophies/Achievements, Grand Prix Challenges or Rewards as the other codes do.

PlayStation 4
Down Right Triangle Down Left Triangle Up
Xbox One
Down Right Y Down Left Y Up
Nintendo Switch
Down Right X Down Left X Up

Infinite Wumpa Fruit

This cheat locks you to always having 99 Wumpa Fruit, meaning your weapon pickups are always juiced-up.

All Platforms
Down Right Right Down Down

Infinite Turbos

This cheat gives you an infinite supply of Turbo Power-Ups.

PlayStation 4
Triangle X Right Left Left Triangle X
Xbox One
Y A Right Left Left Y A
Nintendo Switch
X A Right Left Left X A

Infinite Bowling Bombs

This cheat gives you an infinite supply of Bowling Bomb Weapons.

PlayStation 4
Triangle Right Down Right Up Triangle Left
Xbox One
Y Right Down Right Up Y Left
Nintendo Switch
X Right Down Right Up X Left

Infinite Aku Aku / Uka Uka Masks

This cheat gives you an infinite supply of Aku Aku / Uka Uka power-ups.

PlayStation 4
Left Triangle Right Left O Right Down Down
Xbox One
Left Y Right Left B Right Down Down
Nintendo Switch
Left X Right Left B Right Down Down

Permanent Invisibility

Makes all human racers permanently invisible, meaning they also can’t be targeted by Tracking Missiles. 

All Platforms
Up Up Down Right Right Up

Super Turbo Pads

This cheat makes all Turbo pads as powerful as they are on Turbo Track.

PlayStation 4
Triangle Right Right O Left
Xbox One
Y Right Right B Left
Nintendo Switch
X Right Right B Left

Super Engine Mode

This cheat will make your kart act as if you always have the Super Engine Power-Up active (from the Battle Mode).

PlayStation 4
Up Up Left Right Triangle Down Right Down
Xbox One
Up Up Left Right Y Down Right Down
Nintendo Switch
Up Up Left Right X Down Right Down

1-Lap Races

This cheat changes the amount of laps needed to complete a race to just one single lap.

PlayStation 4
Down Up Down Down Right Up Down Right Triangle Down
Xbox One
Down Up Down Down Right Up Down Right Y Down
Nintendo Switch
Down Up Down Down Right Up Down Right X Down

Icy Tracks

This cheat makes all surfaces of the tracks behave like ice.

PlayStation 4
Down Left Right Down Right O Triangle Down
Xbox One
Down Left Right Down Right B Y Down
Nintendo Switch
Down Left Right Down Right B X Down
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