Weapons are one of the most important components of GTA Online. As with the weapons in Grand Theft Auto V, we have dozens of them available in multiplayer to wreak havoc on the world and perform all kinds of missions. Over the years, GTA Online has not stopped receiving new arsenal, so at first, it can be a bit difficult to decide what are the best weapons in GTA Online to buy in Ammu-Nation and take with us.

Don't worry, in this post, we are going to show you what are the best weapons in GTA Online today, the ones that work best to carry out blows, win PvP matches, and much more. Remember that many of them can only be bought after reaching a certain level of reputation, so you must have several hours of play behind you!

The 5 Best Weapons in GTA Online

AP Pistol

Top 5 BEST Weapons in GTA Online

"High penetration automatic pistol. It has a magazine for 18 rounds that can be expanded to 36".

  • How to get it: Can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $ 5,000 (after reaching RP level 33).
  • Weapon Category: Pistol.
  • Ammunition: 18 rounds per magazine (36 with the magazine extended).

The Piercing Gun is one of the best weapons to unlock early in the game. It is very versatile and is an ideal weapon to use while driving, something really valuable in GTA Online. Unlike the 9mm, it is much more accurate and with less recoil.

Sticky Bomb

gta stickybomb

"Charge of plastic explosive with a remote detonator. It can be launched and then detonated, or attached to a vehicle and then detonated."

  • How to get it: It can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $ 600 (after reaching RP level 19).
  • Weapon Category: Explosive.
  • Ammunition: 30 units maximum.

Without a doubt, one of the best explosives in GTA has always been the Sticky Bomb. Why? Very easy, because this brutal damage weapon can be thrown and hit to any surface and then explode whenever we want, something that cannot be done with a normal grenade.

Combat MG

gta combatmg.jg

"Light and compact machine gun that combines excellent ergonomics with a devastating rate of fire."

  • How to get it: It can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $ 14,800 (after reaching RP level 80).
  • Weapon Category: Light Machine Gun.
  • Ammo: 100 rounds per magazine (200 with extended magazine).

The Combat Machine Gun's damage, range, and speed are above average stat for all other weapons. But the thing is not there because it is also relatively accurate and its reload time is quite fast in the case of a machine gun. When you want to dispatch a lot of enemies fast, use one of these.


gta minigun

"Devastating Gatling-style rotary six-barreled machine gun. High rate of fire."

  • How to get it: Can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $ 50,000 (after reaching RP level 120).
  • Weapon Category: heavy weapon.
  • Ammunition: 2000 to 6000 rounds per minute.

The Minigun is a weapon with such a rate of fire that nothing is faster than it. Forget recharging, feel like Rambo with one of these and you will see how scary you become for others. If you can put any problem, we could point out that when you wear it equipped you become slower, but it is a price to pay for such power in your hands.

Assault shotgun

gta assaultshotgun

"Automatic shotgun with 8 round magazine and high rate of fire".

  • How to get it: Can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for $ 10,000 (after reaching RP level 37).
  • Weapon Category: Shotgun.
  • Ammunition: 8 rounds per magazine (32 with the magazine extended).

In terms of short ranges, few weapons are more effective than the Assault Shotgun you'll find in GTA Online. Its damage in tight spaces is atrocious and its automatic firing makes it one of the fastest shotguns in the game. This is a mandatory purchase for everyone.

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