Whoa! This is Games Atlas' look at the new production – The Peripheral First Impressions – Hopes and Predictions.

What a great month for the gamers' community. Aside from many game premiers, great deals on old versions and some remastered ones, Amazon Prime Video gives us something new – a fictional game-based TV series, which takes place in some kind of cyberpunk-like version of the future.

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Is there anything more that can interest the members of the gaming community for something that they are not mainly focused on?

The Peripheral First Impressions – The Plot

The series begins in the near future in a small town in rural America. Flynn Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz) works locally at her 3D printer and lives with her mother and her brother Burton (Jack Reynor). Burton suffered brain trauma from a cybernetic implant he received while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps' elite haptic reconnaissance unit.

When Flynne's brother Burton asks her to cover his shift beta-testing what she believes to be a video game, she witnesses a murder before realizing that she wasn't actually playing a drone-piloting simulation game but rather was actually flying a real drone in real-time in the dystopian London of the future. Then everything gets just more complicated as if it was not enough before.

The Peripheral First Impressions

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The Peripheral First Sight – Hopes and Predictions

The plot is built around the visionary novel by William Gibson known by the same name, The Peripheral. 

Gibson's worlds are always fascinating to view, even though we are all already familiar with virtual reality games, time travel, parallel universes, dystopia, the use of drones, and avatar deployment. Soldiers are managed by haptics.

On the skin, tattoos move. Invisibility suits are worn by assassins. Otherwise, when threatened, meek robot Michikoids grow spider-eyes. There is lots of technology to marvel at, and Moretz can still kick ass in many ways, as she already has shown in her previous roles.

Apart from being based on a famous novel, the production is from the hands of mind-bending creators of Westworld. Just when audiences are feeling way too much at home in Westworld,  series creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy built a new world for us to again immerse completely. 

The Westworld has shown us that even if the technology and story are sometimes too futuristic and sci-fied, the creators still can describe and show it in their series as surrealistically real, which makes us only believe that their vision of the future is one of the most accurate. 

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The Peripheral First Impressions

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The Peripheral First Impressions – Summary

While The Peripheral is made from a fantastic novel, produced by one of the biggest streaming companies and created by authors of the worldwide bestseller the thing that we can assure You is the fact that this is going to be a hot topic for a few next weeks, as long as the weekly premiere of the new episode will continue.

The thing that we can predict almost surely is that the series also going to become a bestseller and brand known worldwide.

We can not wait for the new episodes and we really hope that the series will keep its high level. What is Your opinion? Feel free to describe it below!

For more information about The Peripheral and other breaking news make sure to keep tuning in to Games Atlas!


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