Hey! It is the Games Atlas' Peripheral Episode 1 Review!

The peripheral was announced months ago, and on 21 October we got the first episode! Below You can read about our first sight at this show!

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This visually stunning show from creators Jonathan Nolan, Scott Smith, and Scott B. Smith deals heavily with VR gaming and dual reality. The first episode of The Peripheral showed plenty of promise and almost served as a tiny film, setting up the premise for the rest of the series.

The Peripheral Episode 1 Review – The Plot

The Peripheral begins with an elongated credit scene that excels in each visual and auditory depiction of a dystopian future. The next scene is set in the distant future of the year 2100, but soon after we got back to more current times, to the year 2030'.

As mentioned before, the story starts with introducing to us two main characters at the helm of the series - Flynne Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz), a 3D print shop worker who has excelled at gaming by playing her brother's video games, and Her brother Burton (Jack Reynor), an ex-marine, is also a crucial part of the story, as is evident from the premiere episode. He is handed a game for testing, which sets off the central crisis in the film.

The whole mystery though remains unknown - which is good. It helps at building the story along. We can see the first plot twist at the very beginning as not the Marine Brother is the game-winning player, but his sister, who solves really tough problems by thinking outside the box. 

This aspect basically starts the plot, as her unique abilities as she plays with her brother's character in a VR game. As far as we don't want to spoil the plot, the aspect of existing two realities - the virtual and real - at the same time, gives us the dynamic throughout all episodes, as well as two stories with their own adventures happening and mixing all along.

Peripheral Episode 1 Review shows us that the creators give us amazing sceneries, cinematic pictures, and CGI which makes all new technologies look almost real, which only makes us sure that this aspect is taken from Westworld really carefully and with perfection - as long as we can believe that everything is accurate, we got more immersed by it.

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The Peripheral Episode 1 Review

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Peripheral Episode 1 Review - Summary

Peripheral Episode 1 Review gives us many fresh thoughts. As we cannot predict the series' future by just one episode, we can say that Nolan and his co-creators keep the high-quality for each thing they do, and they doing it well. We do not know if this series will continue to be as successful as Westworld, but we can assure you that the quality of the plot and everything else is kept at the estimated level.

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