Season 5 of the 2nd Chapter of Fortnite is well into completing 9 weeks. The challenges for this week are detailed in this guide.

Though it's close to Week 10 already, the current weekly challenges are still active. As always, there are epic quests worth 20,000 XP each, and legendary quests worth a total of over 100,000 XP. If you haven't already maxed out this season's battle pass, these quests are very helpful in completing that goal.

The quests are as follows:

Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2 Week 9 Quests

  • Shakedown an IO guard [20,000 XP]

    This quest is fairly easy, albeit a dangerous one. It requires you to knock down an IO guard and shake him down. IO guards spawn in several locations all over the island. Keep in mind that knocking all of the IO guards in a group down will eliminate them, so make sure you shake one of them down before taking out the other ones. Completing this rewards an easy chunk of 20,000 XP.

  • Find a hidden bunker [20,000 XP]

    To complete this quest, you need to visit one of a few locations on the map that have hidden bunkers. There are three bunkers in total, however, they are pretty far spread apart. Luckily, you only need to find one of them. They might be hidden behind a makeshift wall, which you will need to break through to interact with the bunker. These bunkers are located:

    • South of Holly Hedges on the coast
    • South-East of Retail Row on the cliffs
    • North-West of Craggy Cliffs on the island
  • Find the crashed plane's black box [20,000 XP]

    The crashed plane is located towards the South-East of Coral Castle. The black box is situated right outside the wreckage of the plane's hull. Interact with it to complete this quest.

  • Deal damage while in water [20,000 XP]

    This quest is very simple. All you need to do is deal damage whilst standing in water. It is not confirmed whether being in a boat counts, but to be safe simply float in the water and shoot at unsuspecting enemies to complete this quest fast and easy.

  • Emote at the stone statues [20,000 XP]

    In order to complete this quest, you need to locate one of the two eligible stone statues on the map and then perform any emote while standing in front of them. They are in the following locations:

    • The Colleseum
    • On the shore of the island to the East of Coral Castle
  • Ride the steamy stacks [20,000 XP]

    This quest is self-explanatory. All you need to do is head over to Steamy Stacks and jump over the purple substance in order to be propelled upwards through the air. The easiest way to complete this quest is to align your battle bus jump so that you head straight for the stacks, completing this quest almost immediately.

  • Deal damage to a loot shark [20,000 XP]

    Another self-explanatory quest, all you need to do is locate a loot shark and deal some damage to it in any way. You can use pickaxes, guns, explosives, whatever you fancy. You will need to do a total of 500 damage to complete this quest. Loot sharks can spawn in any water body across the map, however, they are usually available in the following locations:

    • Sweaty Sands
    • Coral Castle
    • The Fortilla
    • Pleasant Park
    • Rickety Ridge
    • Misty Meadows

Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2 Legendary Quest

The Legendary Quest for this week is "Shakedown opponents." IO guards, NPC bot groups, and enemy players are all eligible to complete this legendary quest. The XP distribution according to the quest's tiers are as follow:

  • 5 opponents [55,000 XP]
  • 10 opponents [22,000 XP]
  • 15 opponents [22,000 XP]
  • 20 opponents [22,000 XP]
  • 25 opponents [22,000 XP]

That's all for this week. We'll be posting a guide soon for Week 10's challenges as well.

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