The Peripheral story continues! Here it is, our review of the second episode - Peripheral Episode 2 Review by GamesAtlas!

The second episode starts as a game changer - the main characters start to realize that the beta-testing they entered, is not a game anymore - it is a real-world situation in the future.

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The player does not control the video game character, they control the live-version of humanoids, that are their lookalikes, which gives also the ability to explore the world of the future in all sense

Peripheral Episode 2 Review

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The Peripheral Episode 2 Review – The Plot

The first episode of The Peripheral brought us to a not-too-distant America, a dystopian London, and cutting-edge technology that rendered VR gaming realistic. After putting this cutting-edge idea to the test, Flynne (Chloe Grace Moretz) was sought out for her involvement.

Following this siege, the second episode, "Empathy Bonus," picks up with Burton (Jack Reynor) defending his loved ones as more of 2099's London is uncovered.

Season 1 Episode 2, “Empathy Bonus,” is a slow hour where not a ton happens. It’s clear that the point of the episode is to set the groundwork for the rest of the season, but that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining.

In the future, Flynne’s learning the truth of her situation in this “Sim” and meeting a host of new people. As of right now, they are more cryptic than captivating.

Flynne’s conversations with the company in the future also feature a lot of information dumping. If you’ve watched other sci-fi shows, then the concept of parallel universes isn’t completely new or difficult to wrap your mind around, but there’s still a lot to be learned about the technology in this world.

It improves our comprehension of how she will function in the future without requiring us to learn new vocabulary. The series will succeed if it can consistently include these little moments that improve our ability to picture what is happening.

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Peripheral Episode 2 Review

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The Peripheral Episode 2 Review – Summary

Depending on who you talk to, cyberpunk was probably invented by Philip K. Dick (by accident), codified by William Gibson, and then made utterly mainstream by Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix. In the 21st century, the cyberpunk aesthetic from the ‘80s and ‘90s carried over into sci-fi shows like Altered Carbon and Westworld. But now, with The Peripheral, cyberpunk has been reborn for a modern audience.

Peripheral Episode 2 Review is showing us that the series finds what Westworld still sorely needs in its scripts from writer and showrunner Scott B. Smith. Instead of metaphorical ruminations about what all the sci-fi concepts represent, The Peripheral is refreshingly about what it’s about. 

Flynne meets all sorts of enigmatic figures in the future-tense VR simulation, specifically Wilf Netherton (Gary Carr) and Aelita (Charlotte Riley), both of who are mystery boxes that won’t drive you nuts.

Unlike Westworld or other prestige sci-fi TV, The Peripheral does reward you with answers in pretty much every single episode. Despite being really complex and with a lot of moving sci-fi parts, it’s actually pretty easy to follow. To Joy,

Nolan and Smith’s credit, this kind of high-low combination is also what makes all William Gibson novels so amazing.

After a two-episode debut, The Peripheral will have just one episode weekly for its upcoming eight-episode first season, and this is really the only negative thing to say about it.

While the first episode is great, you might not get the full effect of the excellent cast until at least. If you find yourself feeling like The Peripheral is a slow burn, stick with it. It may seem that way at first, but each episode is bigger and better than the last.

What are Your expectations? Do you plan to follow the series?

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