Resident Evil 8 also known as Resident Evil Village was released a week ago, and with it comes a lot of things to learn about the game. In this article, I previously talked about the basic Combat Tips, and this time we will take a look at some more Advanced Resident Evil 8 Combat Tips and Tricks.

Resident Evil 8 Combat Tips [Advanced]

Melee Faster With Animation Cancel

The first trick I want to introduce to you is the faster Melee Combat option. There are plenty of ways to run out of ammo, and this trick might be very useful in stressful situations.

Usually, when performing melee attacks with your knife, there is a decent delay after 2 consecutive attacks. However, this animation can be canceled by using your Guard. By simply tapping your defensive button, you will cancel the animation between the sets of 2 attacks, making it more reliable.

To do so, depending on the platform you are playing you need to follow this simple pattern. On consoles just press R2, R2, L1 [PS4 and PS5], and RT, RT, LB [Xbox One X/S, and Xbox Series X/S]. On PC you simply attack the enemy twice with your LMB, and then press Space or other key responsible for guarding enemy attacks.

This should help you save some ammo, and get you through a sticky situation.

Ethan Winters is Mine-proof

Another more advanced tip is that you can use various explosives in the game, and knowledge that you can not take damage from your own mines, can help this a lot. You will not trigger the mine explosion if you placed it yourself, but in addition, even if you shoot it, the mine will do no damage to your character.

It is not the case with throwable explosives, they can still hurt you so be more careful with those.

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Credit: Capcom

Combine Your Attacks

The thing that differs a veteran player from a more casual one is the ability to combine various attacks and environmental objects to your advantage. I have a few tips in regards to that starting with the Flour Bags.

In my previous Resident Evil 8 Combat Tips article, I mentioned the importance of the environment around you. I mentioned that Flour Bags are a great distraction and crowd control to enemies.

You can also combine it with a more offensive strategy, and create 200IQ plays with it. For example, you can lure many enemies to a Flour Bag near your location, 3 or 4 are a decent amount. Then use your knife to explode the flour around stunning enemies in the process. You will have enough time to place a mine, in the middle of the group and shoot it. Combining my previous tip, about your own mines that do not do any damage to Ethan, you can get rid of many enemies with ease.

A little simpler solution is to stun many enemies with the Four Bag, and then use the quick melee technique I mentioned above, and get rid of them that way, if you have no mines on you at the time.

Advanced Combat Tips Summary

Remember that almost everything in Resident Evil Village wants to kill you, so knowing some of the mechanics more in-depth might become crucial in some scenarios. Stay tuned for more Resident Evil 8 guides coming to Games Atlas very soon.

If you are just getting started with the game, definitely check out these 5 Tips for the Beginning of Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil Village is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One S/X, and Xbox Series S/X.

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