If you are searching for Hogwarts Legacy Spells List then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will go through all spells that are revealed to us and check what they do in the game.

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Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming action role-playing game and it is set in the Wizarding World universe, based on the Harry Potter novels.

Hogwarts Legacy Spells List – Confirmed Already

  • AccioOffensive/Utility – Pulls enemies and objects toward the caster
  • AlohomoraUtility – Unlocks objects
  • Arresto MomentumUtility – Freeze motion
  • Avada KedavraOffensive – Kills the target
  • ConfringoOffensive – Causes an explosion on the enemy
  • CrucioOffensive – Deals damage over time or significant damage
  • Descendo – Offensive – Slams enemies into the ground
  • DiffindoOffensive/Utility – Cuts through enemies or objects
  • ExpeliarmusOffensive/Defensive – Disarmes an opponent
  • FlipendoOffensive/Utility – Knocks the target or enemy backward
  • ImperioOffensive/Defensive – Charms enemies to fight for you
  • IncendioOffensive – Ignites an enemy
  • Lumos/NoxUtility – Gives Light/Takes Light away
  • OppungoOffensive/Utility – Causes an object to fly at the enemy
  • Petrificus TotalusOffensive/Defensive – Petrify enemies to immobilize them
  • ProtegoDefensive – Shield to guard the caster against damage
  • RevelioUtility – Reveals nearby objects
  • RictusempraOffensive/Defensive – Disarms and distracts opponents
  • RiddikulusDefensive/Utility – Used against boggarts to force them to change shape
  • StupefyOffensive/Defensive – Stuns an opponent
  • Wingardium LeviosaOffensive/Utility – Levitates objects and enemies

Hogwarts Legacy Spells List

Credits: Avalanche Softwere

And that would be all we currently know about the spells that will show in the game. Remember that there are also potions and items that will help you on the battlefield and around the Hogwart. If there are more spells revealed in the future or after the game is released we will update this list so make sure to bookmark it!

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