Hitman 3 presents a series of safe cases and hidden doors that you may sometimes wish to open.

Those secret doors, cases, and paths will invariably let you complete the level in alternative ways, but many times they will be required of you to complete the assassination challenges.

The List of Codes for Safe Cases and Secret Doors in Hitman 3



There is a number of safes and doors you will need to pass through in order to take advantage of useful shortcuts of the level:

  • 4706: Door in Meeting Room Area (Level 0)
  • 4706: Atrium Door (Level -1)
  • 6927: Safe located in Security Office (Level 2)
  • 6927: Safe located in Security Office (Level 3)
  • 7465: Safe in Penthouse (Top Level)



Dartmoor level has but one safe though it will actually require you to open it and take its content as a part of the main storyline.

However, you can do this in a number of ways, not the least of which involves inserting the combination. Nevertheless, we will provide you in this guide with the most straightforward solution.

The safe is located in Alexa's office, and the code is 1975.



Like the Dartmoor level, Berlin presents us with only one safe.

It is located in Rolf Hirschmuller’s office (level 2). Outside of the office, you will be able to overhear people talking about the combination in a history-coded language.

We will make it simpler for you. The combination is 1989.



All the safe codes you will need in this level present one of the two combinations: either 0118 or 2552.

And here are the codes for the doors:

  • 2552: Door located in the Arcade (Level 0)
  • 2552: Staircase Door leading to the Benchmark Lab (Level 4)
  • 0118: ICA Apartment Door (Level 2)
  • 0118: “Wet Cat Laundromat” Door (Level 1)
  • 0118: Door of the Container leading into ICA Facility (Level 0)
  • 2552: Hush's Private Lab Door (Level 5)



There are only 2 code panels for this level, and to be in possession of each is mandatory for the completion of assassination challenges.

  • 2006: Safe located in Villa Basement
  • 1945: Code to disable lasers (Level 1)

Carpathian Mountains


There is only one code in the entire level and you will need it early in the mission.

It may be found written on the wall on your left: 1979.

 Final Words

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