How to Complete Hitman 3 Mendoza Assassination Challenges? A Step by Step Guide

As this is the last full level in the game, and it takes you to a wonderful vineyard in Argentina, we assume you will want to make the most of it. To that end, we have prepared for you another list of assassination challenges. Enjoy!

Pulp Friction / Coldhearted

While entering the level, take the disguise of the guard near the “Dangerous Cliff Path” sign. Near the entrance to the production room, you will find the Chief winemaker about to start talking on the phone.

h 71

If you listen in to his conversation, you will get a chance to follow the “The Tour” mission which will come in handy for this challenge. After he is through, you will need to follow him in the vineyard and take his outfit. However, as he will be constantly monitored by two workers, make sure to take the knife from the open unfinished facility you will see ahead of you as you follow him. Harvest some grapes, and reach the winemaker. One of the workers will leave on his own, so present the grape on the table even if in presence of the other one. That will make the Chief winemaker leave on his own, after which you will get a chance to subdue him and take his outfit.

h 76

Once disguised, go back to the production room and wait for Diana to start the next sequence when you will be presenting the room to Tamara. Present the grape crusher on the top floor to your eager audience and when Tamara draws close to it, push her over inside. Gruesome but effective end to the Pulp friction challenge.

h 72

To complete the Coldhearted challenge, do not go over to the grape juicer. Instead, pick the screwdriver hanging from the barrel on the left near the entrance; pick the winery workers' key from the kitchen table ahead on the left and, once inside the freezing storage unit which is equally located on the left side on the ground floor, be sure to sneak out the popsicle. While presenting the freezing storage room to Tamara she will get in, so use the screwdriver to tamper with the panel just outside of it. That will make the door drop and trap Tamara inside to freeze to death.

h 77

Notes of Hemlock / Hold My Hair / Firebrand

In order to perform this challenge, the first disguise to take is the lawyer's outfit. The lawyer will be found talking on the phone near the small round area with a beautiful Mediterranean tree at its center, located on your left-hand side as you are approaching the main level area. Hide near the tree and wait for the lawyer; once he is near you, you will have a chance to subdue him and take his outfit.

h 73

Moving on towards the manor, make sure to drop any fire weapons you may be holding as you will get frisked near the entrance. Inside the manor, make sure to take the stairs on the right and to take the lethal poison pill jar found in the bathroom at the end of the sleeping room.

h 74

While moving towards the bar on the ground floor, take the stairs down on the left and enter the storage room (bearing the "staff only" sign on the door) on the right, just behind the waiter's back.

h 75

Take the bottle standing right in front of you and subdue the waiter to take his outfit. Make sure to tale the non-lethal poison in the same storage room, located on the left side from where you entered it. Once in possession of both types of poison, you can choose which challenge to complete.

By now you are free to go down and reach the bar; after poisoning the glass using the lethal poison, Diana and Tamara will be coming your way asking for a glass of wine and Tamara will drop down to the floor immediately, letting you complete Notes of Hemlock challenge.

The same process with the non-lethal poison will get Tamara sick and reach for the toilet. If you follow her there and drown her in the toilet you will complete Hold my Hair challenge.

Firebrand challenge, on the other hand, will require you to come in possession of a car battery. Easy to find though. Just head over to the place (the unfinished facility) you took the knife from in the Pulp friction challenge and take it from the table there. Once disguised as Chief winemaker, make sure to create a water leak in the vineyard, and while leading the way for Tamara and the rest of the audience, make sure to make her step over the puddle you have created. Once she is standing over it, throw the car battery onto the puddle in order to complete the challenge.

h 78

Pencil Pusher / Get Rid of the Body

Once you are inside of the manor, disguised as Yate's lawyer (see Notes on Hermlock challenge above), meet Yates on the stairs. He will let set up a meeting inside the room on the right of the stairs, on the ground floor with you. Once presented the evidence on the table and talked to him about it, Yates will draw close to the table in an attempt to investigate the files better. At that moment, if you are behind his back you will have an option to eliminate him.

h 79

To perform Get Rid of the Body challenge, follow the same steps except for the last one. Instead of killing Yates near the table, subdue him. Take care of the two guards outside and once through with them, push Yates unconscious body through the window. Drag it over to the yellow shredding machine on the right, hide the body inside and turn the machine on.

h 80

The Orator

Once inside the bar (follow the Notes on the Hemlock steps, leaving out the part dealing with the poison as you will not need it this time), reach the -1 level and sneak out the microphone from backstage area.

h 81

In the veranda outside, swap the microphones and increase the voltage using the voltage regulator nearby. Go up to the very entrance into the manor and take the torch. Make sure not to possess any weapons as you will get frisked at the end of the stairs. While going back down, ignite the place where the pigs' carcasses are hanging and wait, hiding if necessary. After Yates' exuberant speech, he will have a first-hand experience of what it is he's educating his audience on.

h 82

Domestic Disturbance

Let's wreak some havoc inside Yates' private life, shall we?.

Start by reaching the back room of the production facility, in the same manner you did in the Pulp Friction challenge (see above) except that this time you will not have to follow the mission with the winemaker.

h 83

Follow the path and pass through the round “Vinedo Yates” door at the very end of your path to the left. In the tunnel, you will have a chance to disguise yourself over as a higher-ranked guard and following the path, you will enter the villa basement with the safe on the right.

h 84

The code is 2006, and taking the file documents with you, reach the villa porch Yates and his wife will be found talking on. Wait patiently for them to finish the conversation then present the file to Yates' wife. She will get extremely mad about the file's content and, therefore, complete the challenge for you.

Murder by Proxy

Being a silent assassin involves more often than not acting without getting your hands soiled. If you like masterminding the scene and act as though you were just an innocent bypasser, this challenge will make just for you.

In order to complete it, however, you will first need to take the extreme left side as you are walking down the main aisle, that is, the left of the lawyer you will see standing and talking on the phone. Near the truck you will see black crates, so use them to climb over and drop into the bushes. The wagon up ahead has an earpiece hidden in the trunk you need. So make sure to steal it, having, of course, already distracted the guards, as the wagon is heavily guarded by a number of them. Subdue the guard in white clothes and take his outfit.

h 85

Hidden in the bushes, give orders to shoot to the guard watching over with the sniper rifle by scanning the watermelons on the table and you will see him being extremely efficient in following what you say. Next up, find Tamara (she will be walking close to the bar) and scan her face.

h 86

Once you get the confirmation that the guard with the sniper rifle is ready, go on and give him the order to shoot.

To Loyalty

Poisons seem to be a classic choice in Hitman 3. Let's see yet another way to make use of it. Follow the steps as in the Notes of Hemlock challenge (see above) up to the point where you take the pill jar poison from the bathroom, taking it this time as well. Going back, you can also take Yates' car keys just outside of the bathroom door, placed on the nightstand (though this is completely optional and not really relevant for the challenge). Back on the ground floor of the manor, you will find the stairs leading you into the underground area, so be sure to take them. If you proceed first to take out the guard in black, standing on your right, you will have a chance to clear the area without being suspected.

h 87 

Place the poison in the first glass standing on your end of the table, then keep going down, near the barrels you will find the sommelier talking on the phone with Yates and this will be the opening stage of the Closing Statement mission you will need to follow soon enough.

h 88

In the next area, separated by the glass door, make sure to take the screwdriver that is just about to come in handy. Eavesdropping the conversation of the sommelier that had just finished talking to Yates will let you follow the mission's storyline.

Drop down near the barrels, open the panel with the screwdriver in order to follow the sommelier through, then proceed to take his disguise. The sought-after 1945 bottle of red wine will be found in the room on the right, guarded by lasers. No problem for you, as you already know the code to disable them. Guess what? It is 1945.

h 89

Drop any weapons as you will get frisked soon. The head of security will let you inside the room where the unusual meeting is about to take place. At the end of it, make sure to tie some loose ends.

Have you been enjoying this guide? What other guides would you like to see on Hitman 3? Tell us your suggestions in the comments below, or on our Twitter page! In the meantime, make sure to check out the next level's assassination guide here.

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