The best way to level up personality stats in Yakuza: Like A Dragon is to take exams and pass with flying colors at Ounabara Vocational School. Each category of the exam has its own personality stat bonuses associated with the topic, albeit they usually cost a fair amount (exam fees can be as high as ¥50,000) so they might be difficult to afford early in the game.

They also take place in descending order of Tiers, so Tier 2 will be first, and then Tier 1. Keep in mind, the questions may not be in the order presented in this guide, so make sure you read them carefully before picking the answers

In this guide, we give you all the answers to the Isezaki Ijincho Proficiency exam. This exam will boost Ichi's Intellect stat. To pass this exam, you only need to answers 3 out of the 5 questions.

Yakuza Isezaki Ijincho Proficiency Answers:

Chinatown has many gateways modeled after traditional Chinese architecture. What is the name of the gateway that faces Pier St. and sits closest to the ocean? Taiyo Gate
What is the name of the theater located on N Isezaki Road that shows classic vintage films? Seagull Cinema

What is the name of the river that flows through Isezaki Ijincho?

Sakura River
What is the name of the racing activity in Hamakita Park that's quickly become all the rage for both young and old? Dragon Kart
Which of the following is the name of the subway station located at the heart of Isezaki Ijinchoi? Jinnai Station
What is the name of the street that runs in front of Ounabara Vocational School? Daikokuten St.
Which of the following is the name of the very popular fast food chain located on Hyakkei Street? Wette Kitchen
One area of Isezaki Ijincho is occupied by the Bar District. Which of the following bars can be found in this district? Bar Rodriguez
Of the parks in Yokohama Chinatown, which of the following is located along the coast and has an open space with a large fountain? Hamakita Park
Which of the following arcade games is currently set up and running in Club SEGA Yokohama located in Chinatown? Space Harrier


This exam is supposed to be the official exam of the Isezaki Ijincho Tourism Association. It is recommended for "those who have a deep love for the city and would like to know more about it beyond what's exposed in day-to-day life." The answers to all these questions can be easily obtained by playing the game casually. There are no special questions that require any extra actions to be taken or are unique to any circumstance. This exam gives a good boost to Ichi's Intellect level too. To get these answers yourself, simply run around the Yokohama area and carefully observe the landmarks as mentioned in the questions listed above.

That's all for this guide! Feel free to check out our other Yakuza: Like A Dragon guides, including the ones on other examinations at Ounabara Vocational School!

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