“Alexa Carlisle....is dead. According to the funeral invitation, that is”.

In the second level of the game which takes place on a traditional English property, you will have to take down just one target, a sly and sneaky Madam Alexa Carlisle. She is an elderly lady so it has to be a piece of cake. Or has it? Let us show you different ways of attending to business.

One for the ages

On entering the property, take the west side and pick up the fuse outside of the entrance door.

h 23.01

On the house property near the fountain, you will find a photographer struggling to get his camera running. Great opportunity for you. Activate a nearby radio to distract him, then subdue him. Take his clothes and dispose of the body, using either the dumpster or hiding it in the red bushes near the stairs, behind a man whose back is turned on you.

h 23

Insert the fuse in the fuse box and take the shot with the camera.

h 24

The maid will be calling the family down for the photoshoot and in the meantime, take the screwdriver from the table and expose the wire near the chair. When the family gets ready for the photoshoot, distract the man on the left side of the fountain and create a water leak in the fountain, then proceed to take the photo that is certainly going to be remembered!

Grave mistake

This the part where Hitman 3 gets ridiculous! We still haven't figured out if what is at play here is just the twistedness of a hardened serial killer or just plain silliness. But anyway, Madam Carlisle will be wanting to inspect the arrangements for her staged funeral due to take place the day after your arrival. All you need to do is to help her carry out her plans.

Go to the right side of the manor and take the gun from the white box. Near the graveyard, the maid will be revealing a mission-Her Final Resting Place-and you would need to follow it through.

h 26

Take out the undertaker and disguise yourself in his clothes making sure to have taken the key he dropped. As the mission requires, get rid of the birds' nests using your pistol.

h 27

After informing the maid you are ready for Madam Carlisle, arm yourself with patience. She will need some time to arrive and will take her time to inspect the surroundings. When she finally gets to the grave, just kick her in, bearing in mind to subdue the bodyguard immediately afterward as well. You can also use the shovel to fill up the grave.

Sweet dreams

This challenge is the most straightforward one. Just pure elimination.

Take the gun from the white box on the right side of the manor. Make your way to the second floor of the manor and reach the balcony.

h 28

There will be a man guarding it, but you can easily pass behind him. Start climbing up the levels using the pipes, and eventually reach Madam Carlisle's office, where the safe is kept.

h 29

Subdue the bodyguard and hide the body in the back room. Wait in the same room for Carlisle to arrive then finish the business in any way you prefer.

I find this amoosing

This is basically just a variation of the sweet dreams challenge. Make your way to Madam Carlisle's office and take out her bodyguard. Place his body in a place that is easily visible from the main door. After that, run back upstairs and wait for Carlisle to arrive, and as soon as she enters the office, she will start rushing to investigate the unconscious bodyguard. A great opportunity for you to draw out your gun and unleash the chandelier over her head.

h 31 

Another death in the family

This is a mischievous one. You will need to find the poison and mix it with Carlisle's drink. The only thing is, there is no poison. You need to make one on your own. No problem, agent 47 is an expert in those things.

First thing off, take the security guy's outfit near the parking lot. Take the crowbar by passing on the right side of the manor, then take the wrench sitting on the edge of the fountain. Make your way to the greenhouse and force the door open with the crowbar.

h 32

Next up, repair the distillation kit using the wrench, take the poisonous plants from the table and make the poison. As you can't go into the manor with the current outfit, subdue the mansion staff near the stairs and bushes and take his outfit. Get inside and fill the whiskey glass with poison.

h 33

Blend in behind the table as mansion staff, then wait for things to take the natural unfolding.

A matter of guilt/justice/loyalty

This challenge will make it necessary for you to take the private investigator's suit. It's easily found though, as one investigator was recruited to solve the murder mystery of Zachary Carlisle. Once you are near the investigator, a mission Means, Motive and Opportunity will be triggered, and you will do well to accept it. Take the detective's suit and hide his body in the bushes.

h 34

Next up, the maid will be taking you to the manor and to Madam Carlisle. Be sure to have dropped any weapons though, as you are going to get frisked outside of the main door. You will be led to Zachary's room, and there are several items that require your investigation in the room, namely Zachary's body, the nightstand, the laptop, the coffee table. Having examined them thoroughly, pull the book in the bookshelf and open the secret passage.

h 35

In order to make sure you have picked up on every trace, go and talk to Patrick Carlisle and Rebecca Carlisle. Use your camera to scan the papers in the room she will be found in, and repeat the examination process afterward with the footsteps just outside of the room.

h 36

Talk to Emma and scan the portrait on the wall. Gregory and Edward Carlisle are the next ones to be questioned. Make sure to scan the papers on the table just behind Edward's back, that is, behind the piano.

The next step will take you to Fernsby's office, however, before reaching it, make sure to be carrying a crowbar as you'll need it to open the door. The crowbar is to be found outside of the manor on its right side, and you will reach the office by going through the kitchen and laundry, on the ground floor.

h 37

The list, the burned diary, the key, and the poison are all the items you will need to take from the office. Once done with it, head over to the greenhouse, making sure to talk to Rosie on your way out. Inside the greenhouse investigate the book on the table with the camera. You will also be able to make a lethal poison using the nearby plants, the alembic, and the wrench.

Head over to the manor, by passing through the corridors on the right side on the first floor, and reach Emma and Gregory's room.

h 38

Once inside, you will find the letters, a letter opener, the greenhouse key chain, the walking cane, and the shoes, all of which require your examination. Scan the shoes then go to Rebecca's room to repeat the process. It is located on the opposite side on the same floor, on the right side of the staircase. Scan her notebook, take a peek into her laptop, and then, while going back, at the right angle just before the corridor leading to Emma and Gregory's room find the secret room. The letter and coins are all that might be of interest to you on the inside.

h 39

Now you have collected all the evidence and it's up to you to make a choice in which way to present them to Alexa.

If you tell her that Zachary committed suicide, you will accomplish a matter of guilt challenge, and she will turn her back and jump from the balcony.

If you tell her who really committed the crime, you will receive either the case file or the money, and you will complete a matter of justice challenge.

If you tell the murderer was the butler, you will accomplish a matter of loyalty challenge.

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