Hitman 3 Berlin Assassination may be the hardest level in the game and is certainly the most unusual one.

You will be entering it with an aim to take down 5 ICA agents out of 11 possible scattered through the map's open field.

Each target requires a different approach and there is no such thing as a “safe suit” you can wear throughout the whole or the most of the level as the agents will be expecting your arrival. Therefore, they will be immediately getting suspicious of any suit you may be wearing. The only mitigating circumstance to the level's otherwise unpredictable nature is the fact that you can choose which 5 agents to take down. Each assassination challenge is performed on a different target, as well. But let's start at the beginning.

Hitman 3 Berlin Assassination Challenges

The Crane Trauma

This is arguably the easiest assassination challenge of the mission in Germany.

Once inside the level's open field, go to the back of the line from the entrance to the club and take right. At the end of the path, you will find the crane tower. However, you will first need to use the fuse cell and make a distraction. The fuse cell is to be found in the open container right across from the crane, so take it and place it in the panel.


Get to the top of the tower and arm yourself with patience. Agent Thames will eventually start walking along your path, so use the crane and unleash it over his head.

How the Turntables

As two for one is always a bargain, we assume you will be eager to pursue this one. It will let you take down both agent Montgomery and agent Banner at the same time.

First off, make your way into the club. Talk to the man outside of the club. He will require you to give him some pills in exchange for free entrance.

h 45

This task is easily accomplished as you will find the pills hidden in the nearby green bike.

h 46

Having delivered the pills to the man, follow him into the club. After reaching the area he left you in, go 2 levels below and pass through the “tech only door.” Turn on the rack case on the left-hand side just as you are about to enter the corridor, in such a manner as to attract the DJ in the white and take his disguise eventually.

h 47

With this disguise, you will be able to enter the DJ booth unnoticed, so while doing that on the right side of the desk you will be able to take the technician's note number 2. After completing that part, climb up to -1 level and take out the two technicians passing through the corridor, making sure to pick the screwdriver one of them will drop and hide the bodies in the small area at the end of the corridor.

You will eventually need to sabotage the light tree installation with the screwdriver. Pick up the technician's note number 1 on the right side of the installation you have just sabotaged. 

h 49

At this point, there will only be one step left to go.

Make your way down to the DJ booth and dismiss the working DJ. Now, you will get just one chance to sync the execution of both targets perfectly, so be sure to make use of your instinct and track the movements of the walking target on the upper floor. Once he draws near to the first target you can go on and hype up the light show, and once he stopped walking, unleash the electric overload.

Congratulations! You have completed the challenge.

h 50

Rule of Threes / Drive it Home / The 47th Trick in the Book

You will need to take down targets with a sniper rifle in order to complete any of these challenges.

First off, start climbing the levels to the left of the juice shop. It is a distance away from the main entrance to the level, so we will guide you through.

Once you've passed the woods, the parking lot on the backside, and found the door reserved for employees only, go ahead and pass through the “staff only” door that will let you reach the juice shop used as a reference point.

h 51

Take the first container on the left-hand side and start going up, taking advantage of the small opening on the right that will let you climb the levels from the inside of the building.

Once you have reached the top, make your way to the opposite end and take the small set of stairs down, which will let you reach the next-to-the-top level.

Take out both bikers inside the room and be sure to pick the radio tower key one of them will drop as you take him out. Now you are left unharmed to sneak out the sniper rifle and make your way back to the beginning of the level!

h 52

Back in the woods, near the main entrance to the mission, as you are going in the reverse direction, you will be able to find the radio tower, located on the left-hand side.

Use the key you picked up from the biker and open the gate. You will need to climb the tower and to that end, it is best to use the ladder. You can also use the stairs, but there is an alarm installed you will trigger if you do so.

h 53

Now, depending on just how many targets you will have taken down by this point, you will be able to complete 3 different challenges.

Make sure, though, not to kill more than two, as this will impede you from completing the Rule of Threes challenge. In total, you will need to take 5 targets down. Having already killed 2, taking down the other three with the sniper rifle up from the top of the tower will let you complete the Rule of Three challenge and will immediately trigger the level-ending sequence.

Provided that you execute agent Tremaine this way, you will accomplish The 47th Trick in the Book challenge, as well.

If the agents start evacuating, with you having eliminated less than 5 targets, executing one more will let you accomplish the Drive it Home challenge.

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