The first mission in the new Hitman will take you to Dubai, right on the top of the highest and most luxurious skyscraper in the world.

Speedrunners will have a reason to try and put their best effort in order to beat a record of clearing up the first mission in Hitman 3 in just 8 seconds. The purists, however, will want a different type of challenge. This article is addressed specifically to all of you that fall into the last category as we imagine you will delight in taking every step of the first mission in Dubai apart, leaving no loose ends. Enjoy! 

Vertical Approach

This approach is an easy way to eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant. You will need to disguise yourself just once and you can finish it in under 5 minutes. You only need intel paper and security-guard clothes. Take the main stairs then follow the guard on the left. Take him out behind the wall and take his clothes. The purpose of taking him out is to take his clothes, so you do not necessarily need to take out this specific guard, any will do for that matter. This one, however, might be one of the easiest to perform such action on.

h 1

Take the door on the left side, putting the code 4706 inside the panel. Pass the hall, the kitchen and go through the second changing room door on the right. A woman and a man will be talking, use this opportunity to take the intel paper from the bench, just behind the man's back.

 h 2

Go back to the first floor and go into the room on the left two guards are talking in. Present yourself to them and wait for Stuyvesant to arrive. He'll be wanting you to show all of your talents in a knife-throwing challenge, so make sure to impress him. After you have followed him down and impressed him with your skills, you will naturally gain his confidence but he will be exposing himself to your mercy (or mercilessness) and turn his back on the ledge of the building, after which it is up to you how to finish the job.

h 3

Tasteless traceless & pick your poison

Go to the main hall on the right, wait for the man and the woman to stop talking then attract the man to the bushes by turning on the music player on the wall. Subdue him and pick the poison he is carrying. 

h 4

Go to the opposite side of the building, and take the left.

h 5

Disguise yourself as a guard, pass through the brown door just in front of you which will let you get backstage, pick the crowbar which is lying at the end of the small room and go over the rails behind you to reach the upper floor. Disguise yourself as a penthouse security guy.

h 6

While going back down the hallway freshly disguised, force the door open with the crowbar on the left side down the main corridor, pass through the next door on the left you will reach at the end of the path and subdue the man in white clothes. Disguise yourself again and take his penthouse key.

h 7

Having concealed the body, turn on the ice machine and the cook will go into the room to investigate the noise. Take his clothes too and step out into the kitchen. Prepare the food, then call Ingram. After the first bite of your deliciously prepared food, he will drop down to the floor.

Impactful art

This one is really worth pursuing as it will let you take both targets down at the same time.

So to begin, run over to the right of the main hallway and pass on the outside of the building. You will be trespassing at this point but if you do it quickly enough you will be fine; no guards will manage to reach you. Use the ladder you will see on the left and get over to the helipad.

 h 8

Now the building is right before you and you need to take the door on the right and get inside. Be careful. You can be noticed if you rush this part. At the end of the hallway, you will find a small room with a very sleepy penthouse guard in it which is a perfect chance to disguise yourself once again and let yourself advance further through the building without being noticed.

Go through the maintenance corridor and disguise yourself again as maintenance staff, making sure to have picked up the keycard he let loose. The service room is right behind you on the right and you will need to get there. At this point, your greatest friend will become the computer server, so be sure to use the card to sabotage the malfunctioning server that you will easily identify with your camera as it will read: “Monitor server disabled”. The central computer on the other hand gets the job done efficiently and it will make for both targets to gather around in the same room. Hit 01, 02, and 03 options on the computer.

h 9

Wait for the two men to come together in the room and wait for them to remain there alone. To perform the challenge, you will need to shut the windows by hitting the panic room button and by waiting for both of them to take positions on each side of the chandelier. Use any fire weapon you may have at this point and drop the chandelier on them. That will complete the challenge.

 h 10 

Angry birdy

This one will send Ingram flying! Though not really as far away as a bird, nevertheless, it will be entertaining. 

Once again follow the same steps as in the Impactful art challenge and disguise yourself as a penthouse bodyguard on level 3. Just outside of the server room, you will find the lady talking on the phone, and you will need to take her out.

h 11

In order to take her out, you will first need to take out her friend at the end of the hallway, that way you will avoid being seen by him. Take the key she will drop and go right up ahead, open the maintenance door using the key and pick the explosive golf ball you found in the room.

Reach level 4 and wait for the Ingram to arrive just before the room you are standing in. It is the one with a radio on the table that you will need to turn on in order to make him angry.

h 12

Repeat the process and place the golf ball into the basket on the lawn outside of the building together with other golf balls.

h 13

As you have forced Ingram to change his place by now by all the noise the radio has been making, follow him on the map in the room he is now in and turn on the vacuum cleaner just outside of it. That will send him flying into a rage, so make sure you go outside to watch the show of his last flight.

Mile high drop

That's a casual one. Your enemies will be parachuting down to earth on the very sight of you – make sure to make them regret such cold-heartedness.

You can begin the challenge the same way you start the Impactful art and Angry Birdy challenges, that is by disguising yourself as a guard on level 3 that you can reach via helipad. At the back of the room you have subdued the guard in, open the safe with code 6927, and take the evacuation card. Next, head over to the penthouse at the very top of the building and take the knife from the kitchen. Your goal will be to force both targets to take the emergency exit, and as they are at the top of the highest building in the world, you can imagine there are really not many exits left to chose from.

Proceed then to activate the first evacuation panel.

h 14

The second panel is located just next to the two parachutes the victims will be taking as they rush to leave the building, so wait for the guards to step away from the site and cut the parachutes with the knife, then activate the second panel. Now you can lay back and wait for the natural unfolding of your doing. 

h 15


Isn't it true that the Sun is giving life on Earth? What about the artificial sun? Should the last one operate in the counter direction then? Surely we can make it to. Let's find how.

First off you need to disguise yourself as a simple guard (the one in white and blue uniform), either by taking one of them down or by making your way to the laundry room. You also need to get the crowbar, and that one is to be found in the backstage room.

h 16

Now some electrical fuses require your attention, so be sure to get to the first fuse box which is really just a couple of meters away from the place you took the crowbar from, so use the tool to open it and take the fuse.

h 17

Follow the path up ahead and take the staircase which will lead you to the other fuse box located on the left in the middle of the side corridor. Be careful though. Women talking nearby will have you in sight, so it's best to take care of them first. You can easily distract them with any piece of metal you happen to have. 


After picking the second fuse keep going forward, and use the ladder to find a fuse box where you will need to place one of the fuses.

h 19.01

Go back down and pass right through the door, letting you outside right in the backstage corridor. There is another fuse box in the middle of it so you can use it as a place to insert the second fuse. At this point, you are one step away from completing the challenge. Go back into the small room you were in just a couple of moments ago, the one with the ladder and the fuse box and as you pass through the door you will be standing right in front of the panel that will let you increase the voltage needed to make the artificial sun run, so wait for Marcus to get into the room, then execute him.

h 19

Black gold eye & Steep task

Once again follow the same steps as in the Impactful art challenge and disguise yourself as a penthouse bodyguard on level 3. His uniform is very useful as it lets you roam through upper levels unnoticed. Run over to the penthouse, and take out the penthouse staff in the small room, picking up both the poison and the key he dropped on the floor.

h 20

You will need to clear the penthouse of all the staff working there: you have to deal with the one located in the bathroom; the guard near the desk; another servant in the lounge room, and the maid making the bed, and all of these in that order. Make sure no bodies can be seen in the area. After carefully concealing the bodies, mix the poison with the drink.

h 21

Ingram will be stepping into the penthouse escorted by two bodyguards, so you need to take them both out. The first one is easy to deal with as he's walking a few steps behind Ingram and the other bodyguard. You also need to act quickly, before Ingram and the bodyguard take their positions in the room. You can dispose of the first one by dragging his body into the bathroom, and after that, you can easily subdue the second one. Make sure he is out of Ingram's sight and you will be fine; hiding the body just behind the desk will do. At this point, you can attract Ingram's attention with any object that serves that purpose ( a simple dime will do ) by throwing it near the model on the right side of the desk. When Ingram stops to investigate the distraction, sneak up on him and push his head down the model which will be enough to complete the challenge.

h 22

To perform the Steep task challenge, you will basically need to follow the same steps as in the Black gold eye up to the very end. The only difference lies in the execution really. instead of forcing Ingram to hit the model on the desk, you will wait for him to step out on the balcony and push him over the rail.

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