The planet Atropos is full of surprises and dangerous creatures ... that's why you must be prepared for the different biomes and final bosses of Returnal.

Returnal is one of the most important PS5 exclusives of 2021, and there are already many of you who are enjoying the changing planet Atropos and its dark secrets. Surely you have already died more than once in the Housemarque roguelike, and its high difficulty is one of its hallmarks.

As in all roguelike, exploration and quick reflexes are vital to surviving the aliens that await you in Atropos ... but it is also that you will have to face final bosses of all kinds. Oh, and we don't forget the variety of ecosystems on this mysterious planet.

Currently, Housemarque has released a new patch for Returnal, in order to fix a bug that locks the doors of some biomes, so we recommend that you be careful. The game does not have an automatic save, so you should be careful if you leave your PS5 in Rest Mode, as you could lose your progress.

If you are starting to play Returnal, calm down because here we leave you everything you need to know about the planet Atropos. Find out how many biomes and bosses there are in Returnal, the Housemarque exclusive for PlayStation 5.

The Housemarque game is a full-fledged roguelike, so prepare your weapons and arm yourself with reflexes to survive each level. The first thing you should know is that Atropos is a changing planet, which has different ecosystems (biomes), which will logically change their design every time you die.

Of course, despite the fact that the level designs change, the biomes of Atropos remain the same, and in each one, you will find different creatures and dangers. On this hostile planet of Returnal, you'll find lush forests, sprawling deserts, abandoned cities, and much more, and each zone has its own exploration zones and featured objects.

In Returnal we find up to six different biomes (we list them below). Each of them follows the same development, which is based on exploring and finding items and keys to open the door of the final boss. Of course, on your way you will run into other creatures that will make things very difficult for you ... so it is very likely that you will die many times.

Every time you die, you will return to the initial point of Returnal, where Selene crashes with her ship (in the first biome). Of course, when you reach the fourth biome, your game will be saved and every time you die you will reappear there, not at the accident site. As is logical, in each biome you will have different items and gadgets to overcome each of the obstacles. These are the 6 biomes of Returnal:

  • Overgrown Ruins
  • Crimson Wastes
  • Derelict Citadel
  • Echoing Ruins
  • Fractured Wastes
  • Abyssal Scar

After collecting the keys and surviving each area of ​​the Returnal biomes, it will be time to face the final bosses. Of course, remember that there is a secret ending that you can only see if you complete all the biomes a second time, which we detail in this guide.

There are a total of five final bosses in Returnal, one for each biome (minus Fractured Residues) and each has its own weaknesses. As is usual in a roguelike, to defeat them you will have to follow a series of steps and different phases during combat, until you end the life bar of the huge creature. They are as follows:

  • Phrike - Overgrown Ruins
  • Ixion - Crimson Wastes
  • Nemesis - Derelict Citadel
  • Hyperion - Echoing Ruins
  • Ophion - Abyssal Scar

Each of these five bosses represents the maximum danger of each biome in Returnal, and there are three different phases during the combats. You will need maximum skill, dexterity and reflexes to defeat them since they will launch constant attacks on you and receive the help of other creatures. But we are sure that you are capable of defeating them.

Now that you know what big boys you’re going to be facing, get out die and try (enthesis on try… it’s hard) and why not check out more guides on the best guides around, here at GamesAtlas.

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