The Scorpion Sentinel in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is remarkably similar to the original one. This is one of the things that show the game is a love letter to fans of the original. However, it can be quite a tough fight for newcomers. He can be found near the end of the game's opening mission. It is an advanced weapon made by Shinra that shows up to prevent Avalanche from blowing up the reactors. This guide will show how to deal with each phase of the Scorpion Sentinel in a way that will make the battle very manageable and ultimately how to defeat the Scorpion Sentinel.

This boss is a spectacle, but so is the game. It pays homage to the original game by behaving much of its original behavior. If you are one of the lucky people with a PS5 right now, this game is one of those that look much better on the PS5.

How to Defeat the Scorpion Sentinel

Use Lightning Magic

How To Defeat The Scorpion Sentinel

Cloud points out that this boss has reinforced armor plating. However, since the internals can be overloaded, Lightning Magic is the way to go. It is important to keep attacking the boss, though.

Regular attacks will not deal a lot of damage, but they help build up the ATB bar so the party can cast on the Scorpion Sentinel.

Do No Use Cure

final fantasy 7 remake barret using a potion copy

Healing magic might be tempting if the characters' HP is low. However, this is not the best way to deal with the situation. Use potions instead.

Save your Magic Points to use them on lightning magic. They are the best way to deal high amounts of damage to the boss. Also, lightning magic has a greater effect on the stagger gauge.

Use Ethers To Recover Magic Points

final fantasy 7 remake barret uses an ether copy

This battle acts very much as a tutorial. The will not be enough HP to deal with this boss. Once players run out of Magic Points, an ether should be used.

Using potions to heal and ethers to replenish the characters' MP is the correct way to manage your resources in this fight. Doing it will guarantee players have enough lightning magic to defeat the Scorpion Sentinel.

Look Out For The Pressured State

final fantasy 7 remake cloud uses a stagger attack copy

When constantly attacked, or when struck by something which it is weak to, a creature might become Pressured. This is a state in which the enemy usually does not attack.

When at this state, certain abilities might increase the stagger gauge significantly. Make sure to use Cloud's Focused Trust when the Scorpion Sentinel is vulnerable. Barret's Focused shot is also good to achieve the same goal.

Shoot It When It Is On The Wall

final fantasy 7 remake barret shoots the scorpion sentinel from afar

Sometimes the Scorpion Sentinel will be out of Cloud's reach. It will jump on the wall and shoot at both characters. When it does that, make sure to switch to Barret and keep building that ATB bar. Barret's Steelskin is an excellent way to avoid damage from the rockets.

The Shield Generator

final fantasy 7 remake cloud attacks the bosss field generator copy copy

This boss has multiple phases. This means that it will change its behavior as its hit points keep dropping. During the second phase, Scorpion Sentinel activates a shield generator.

To effectively damage the boss, players have to destroy the generator. It is located under the base of the Scorpion Sentinel's tail. Cloud is the character players should use to get the job done.

Watch Out For The EMP Strike

final fantasy 7 remake the scorpion sentinel uses an area attack

Although Cloud is the best character to take down the shield generator, it can be risky. The boss will start sparking when players are attacking it. This is a sign that the EMP Strike is coming. Dodge away and resume attacking.

Always Have At Least One ATB Bar

final fantasy 7 remake the scorpion sentinel is staggered

If possible, keep one reserve ATB bar when the enemy is about to stagger. That will be immensely useful to deal a high amount of damage when the enemy is finally staggered.

When in that state, enemies take higher damage. Attacking it with a high damage ability such as Braver is ideal. Hitting it in its weakness also works well, so make sure to use lightning magic as well.

The Scorpion Sentinel's Tail Laser

final fantasy 7 remake the scorpion sentinel using its tail laser


When its Hit Points are at 40%, Scorpion Sentinel will go to Phase 3. At this point, it will use its Tail Laser. Just take cover behind the debris and wait for your ATB gauge to fill up.

Cloud will tell when it is time to attack. Keep Barret in front of the Scorpion Sentinel to attract its attention. Use Steelskin to make sure that he can take the damage.

Use Limit Breaks When The Boss Is Staggered

final fantasy 7 remake cloud uses cross slash copy

At this point, players might have taken enough damage to be able to use a limit break. Make sure to try using it when the boss is staggered. This will grant a considerable boost on its damage.

This boss, much like most in this game, will be much more dangerous during its final phase. Ideally, players should keep their limit break to use at the end of the battle after going for the boss's legs. This will prevent Cloud and Barret from taking even more damage, and will end the Scorpion Sentinel's the most dangerous phase sooner.

The Final Phase

final fantasy 7 remake the scorpion sentinel about to be defeated

When at 10% health, the Scorpion Sentinel will attack Barret and Cloud with everything it has. It will also start regenerating.

At this point, aim for the legs. Use magic and damaging abilities as soon as you have ATB to do so. Once the legs are crippled, it will be easy to finish it off.

 Hopefully, this guide will make the first boss battle much easier for you and teach you how to defeat the Scorpion Sentinel.

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