Dying Light 2 is a very dynamic game, but it looks very good and graphics are top-notch. Make sure to choose the right setting and choose one of the graphic modes available in settings. Is there 60FPS? Is there Ray Tracing in Dying Light 2? Let's dive deeper into the graphic modes of the game!

Is There Ray Tracing in Dying Light 2?

Yes. Ray Tracing is present in Dying Light 2, but only in one of the three graphic modes. They are all listed and explained below, but Ray Tracing is available in the Quality Mode in Dying Light 2. Ray Tracing is only available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

Dying Light 2 Graphic Modes

Dying Light 2 offers three different visual modes. They all differ in some ways. I will try to briefly explain the differences between all three graphic modes.

Resolution Mode

Selecting this mode in the graphics setting will cause the FPS to lock at 30 Frames Per Second. On the other hand, it will maximize the visual clarity and pixel count. It will get you as close to 4K resolution as possible. However, it is no a native 4K resolution. This is all available at the new generation of consoles in PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. On the old generation, the resolution will not go as high. The visuals are noticeably sharper than other modes on the old generation as well.

Performance Mode

My personal favorite mode due to its smooth 60FPS presentation. The game is shown in a standard HD 1080p resolution. It is a trade-off, but in a such dynamic game like Dying Light 2 it is worth it. The game feels more responsive, and the fluidity of parkour is amazing. I started playing on a Quality mode in 30FPS, and I was having a lot of fun, but after a couple of hours and switching to this performance mode I could not go back to 30 FPS anymore. The frame rate in this game plays a huge role, and smoothness is a top priority while traversing through The City.

Quality Mode

It was the first mode I played with. It is focused on overall quality of the picture with Ray Tracing on. Ray traced shadows and lighting look very good on this mode. It is exclusively available on the new generation for PS5 and Xbox Series X only. Even Xbox Series S does not allow you to select this graphic mode. Honestly, with a fast-paced game like that, ray tracing does not matter all that much. If you stand in place and look around the game looks gorgeous, but more often than not you will be either fighting or parkouring around and performance mode is the best for the gameplay purposes.

My Personal Choice

Like I said before, it is worth experimenting with the modes and find the one that suits you best. For the gameplay reasons, I would highly recommend playing on performance mode to get the smoothest experience and have an easier time aiming with bows, jumping around rooftops and dodging enemy attacks. Even though Ray Tracing in Dying Light 2 is available, I would not choose it over 60FPS. I played on PS5, but if you are playing on PC then you can easily have both with the right set-up.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is scheduled to release on February 4, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One X/S, and Xbox Series X/S.

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