3.20 PoE Builds – PoE The Forbidden Sanctum League Starters

The new league is rapidly coming. That's why you will need to search for 3.20 PoE Builds.

Path of Exile is a hack–and–slash game that every three months have a new league released that adds new content to the game.

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The Forbidden Sanctum is around the corner. It starts on the 9th of December so be ready to grind for your gear with our builds.

3.20 PoE Builds

#5 Poisonous Concoction

Poisonous Concoction is a very tricky skill to play. Normally you would need a weapon that boosts your skill to do massive damage but in this case, you are literally forbidden to equip a weapon, because the skill won't be able to cast. This skill scales with a life flask which you need to have. It is a very strong mapper and didn't get any direct nerfs or buffs.

Pros of the build:

  • Simple leveling
  • Cheap to make all content
  • Pretty tanky for a ranger
  • No need to activate flasks, it works automatically
  • Nice single-target damage
  • Comfortable to play

Cons of the build:

  • Poison playstyle (not for everyone)
  • Survivability in the early stages is not as good as it sounds (needs gear upgrades)
  • Fully automatic flasks need some investments
  • No weapon means 3 sockets less

Leveling PoB: https://pobb.in/ngKW23hF5DIJ

PoB you are aiming for: https://pobb.in/uIR7u9XHccdo

3.20 PoE Builds

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

#4 Vortex

Vortex is a skill that creates a cold circle at your feet and stays for a while. It deals damage to enemies and you are safe from it. This build does damage over time so it is given not to be fit for everyone. It can scale greatly with the end game gear if you know what you are doing

Pros of the build:

  • Tanky
  • Decent single target
  • One button play
  • Decent early damage
  • Immunity to chaos damage

Cons of the build:

  • Can be expensive with upgrades
  • Walking simulator
  • Not the fastest mapper
  • Damage over time playstyle

From Start to Endgame PoB: https://pastebin.com/uZGZfWcV

#3 Balista Explosive Arrow

We can't make the 3.20 PoE Builds without an explosive arrow. This build is probably the best all-around build on Path of Exile. This skill has a lot of damage you can easily scale. It got some indirect buffs and nerfs due to item changes or curse changes. It also works well with mechanics that got buffed this time. If you want to learn more about this build check Zizaran's youtube channel.

Pros of the build:

  • Good Damage
  • Decent map clear speed
  • Awesome single target
  • Pretty tanky
  • Simple gameplay
  • Totem gameplay

Cons of the build:

  • Totem gameplay
  • In the begging, it can feel weird with the delay of the damage

Leveling and Endgame PoB: https://pobb.in/fobhd19vaECx

#2 Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire is a skill that puts you in the flames and creates a circle around you that deals to you and enemies within reach damage equivalent to % of your health points. You will need a lot of life regeneration in your gear and skill tree.

The build got indirect buffs due to curse changes so it might scale even better than before.

Pros of the build:

  • Very decent mapper
  • Nice single-target damage
  • Has room to upgrade
  • Immunity to ailments
  • Tanky

Cons of the build:

  • Walking simulator
  • Upgrading can be expensive
  • Actually in meta so items can be quite expensive

Leveling and Endgame PoB: https://pastebin.com/1RwBG57P

Basically everything about Righteous Fire

3.20 PoE Builds

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

#1 Seismic Trap

Last but not least. The build that got nerfed several times in the past is still playable and smooth to operate. Seismic trap is a spell skill that throws a trap when activated, releasing multiple shockwaves that deal physical damage for its duration.

This build is named boss killer and as the name tells, it is perfect against bosses in Path of Exile. The build is also hardcore visible if there is someone courageous enough to play this game mode. If you want to learn more about this build check Zizaran's youtube channel.

Pros of the build:

  • Very strong bosser
  • Pretty cheap
  • Tanky
  • Pretty agile as for a bosser
  • Easy to play

Cons of the build:

  • Trap mechanic is not for everyone
  • Medium map clearer

Starting and Endgame PoB: https://pobb.in/c23b-GxiCFgE

And that would be all for 3.20 PoE Builds. Remember that PoBs are for 3.19 and will be updated with the league release. Do not worry there are no changes in an actual skill tree. Good luck in an upcoming league, Stay Good Exile!

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