From the launch day, Overwatch 2 gained a fair amount of interest among the Valorant player base. What is the Best Valorant to Overwatch 2 sens and how to convert your sensitivity from other games?

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Read more in this article to learn about the Best Valorant to Overwatch 2 sens.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Valorant to Overwatch 2 Sens

Sensitivity Converters and Manual Conversion

Best Valorant to Overwatch 2 sens

Credit: Riot Games

The fastest and the most convenient way of changing sensitivity from Valorant to Overwatch 2 is using web sensitivity converters. On the internet, you can find tons of sensitivity converters, by searching google or other search engines.

You can also calculate your new sensitivity manually using the fixed ratio of 10.606. Use a simple mathematical equation shown below.

"Your current Valorant sensitivity" x "10.606" = "Your new Overwatch 2 sensitivity" For example, my Valorant sensitivity is 0.4 which means that I need to use 4.242 in Overwatch 2.

The greatest benefit of keeping your sensitivity the same is that there is no need to readjust your aim. In my opinion, the Best Valorant to Overwatch 2 sens is the one the exact same as in the original game, especially when you often switch between titles.

Aiming Styles and How Overwatch 2 Is Different to Valorant in Terms of Shooting

Best Valorant to Overwatch 2 sens

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

There are many different possibilities when it comes to developing your aiming style which highly depends on your preferences and the type of game that you're playing. Valorant is a tactical hero shooter which requires high precision, good crosshair placement, and snappy flick shoots.

Gameplay is more static therefore players tend to use lower to medium sensitivities. Overwatch 2 is a different story, the game is more dynamic and random which automatically requires you to make faster decisions and quickly snap your crosshair between other enemies. Most people prefer to use higher sensitivities in Overwatch as it helps with keeping up with the action.

One more interesting thing is that in Overwatch 2 you can assign your mouse sensitivity to each hero individually. You can for example lower it when playing Widowmaker, because she is a sniper that requires precision, and set it higher when playing a melee tank like Reinhardt.

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DPI, Acceleration, and other less important factors

Best Valorant to Overwatch 2 sens

Credit: Riot Games

There are also many things that affect your aim and sensitivity settings. Below I listed some of them:

  • Mouse size and your mouse grip - if you are using a fingertip you might not be able to use lower sensitivities as comfortably as with a claw or palm grip but will benefit from the higher ones.
  • Mouse DPI and polling rate - those parameters determine how much information is transmitted from your mouse to your PC every second and how accurate it is. In theory, more DPI is better but on some mice, it might feel weird to control. Remember to lower your sensitivity accordingly when boosting up DPI on your mouse.
  • Mousepad and desk space - that's pretty simple, if you use low sensitivity you need more space to move your mouse than with the higher one.
  • Mouse acceleration - there is a general rule that you should disable that feature (which is on by default) when playing shooters as it makes your aim more inconsistent. However, if you've always played with acceleration and have no issues with it, you should consider leaving it on.

The Best Valorant to Overwatch 2 Sens, DPI, Acceleration, and More – Brief Summary

The previously mentioned methods are only my suggestions. You should always try different things and find what works best for you. When changing sensitivity there is always a risk of losing your muscle memory but experimenting and finding your weak spots can also benefit you in a long run.

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