The much anticipated Season 3 of Call of Duty Warzone is now underway. The new season has introduced new weapons, new skins, and a brand new map to the game. A new Battle Pass for the season is also available for 1,000 COD Points. Finally, a special limited-time period, called the "Hunt For Adler" where players need to complete three challenges has also been added. Finishing these tasks will net players the exclusive legendary Adler skin. Here is a descriptive guide explaining how to complete Adler Intel challenges.

How to Complete Adler Intel Challenges in COD: Warzone

All Adler Intel Locations

Players need to find and complete Adlers Intel contracts that are scattered in three different locations around the new Verdansk map. Once you obtain a contract, you'll need to open 3 chests as directed by the game. This is very similar to the Scavenger contract from the past and requires and requires the same amount of effort. The contract and the chests are marked by a yellow marker which has character with glasses drawn on it. This being said, here are the three locations you need to visit:

Adler Intel Contract on Factory

 How to Complete Adler Intel Challenges in COD: Warzone

Factory is the easiest location to contest out of all as there are multiple contracts lying around the area. The location is pretty congested, and there are many structures/covers to use if the situation gets dire. If possible, go straight inside the big plane in the area, as it usually contains a contract. Two chests can be found in the Police building, while one chest is placed in the car dealership location.

Adlers Intel Contract on Summit

summit adler intel

Summit area is very uneven as it is built on rocky terrain. It is best to take a helicopter with you or any means of transport that will allow you to traverse quickly. Once you are there, look for the contract near the main bridge. There should be two large Satellites near the bridge, each containing a chest that you need to open after acquiring the contract. Once you have opened them both, head below the main building in the area. You'll see an entry there with R306 written outside. Enter the building, and you'll locate the final chest that you need to open in Summit.

Adlers Intel contract on Farmland

farmland adler intel

The Adler contract can be found on the small shack near the large Silo at the very beginning of main Farmland road. Once acquired, head straight from the shack, as directed on the screen, and you'll reach another shack that contains the chest you need to open. The second chest can be found in the big house in the middle of the Farmland area, and finally, the last chest is located on the foot of what seems to be a red telephone tower.

It's better to complete these challenges on Plunder game mode instead of Battle Royale. The general strategy should be to rush towards the contract as soon as you land and, if you die, hop into the next game. Although there are no restrictions, it's physically impossible to collect more than one contract in a single game, as it's likely to get picked by someone else before you reach it.

Hopefully, this guide helped you learn how to complete Adler Intel challenges in COD: Warzone. If it did, let us know in the comments, and share it with others as well!


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