Season 3 of Call of Duty has introduced a new version of the Verdansk map, after the old one was completely destroyed by a nuke, at the end of Season 2. The new Verdansk map is from the 1984 timeline and hence called Verdansk '84. A lot has changed with Verdansk'8 when compared to the previous version, and it will be the default map for both Warzone and Cold War in Season 3. Here is everything you need to know about the new Verdansk'84 map from new hot spots, secret locations, and every major change on the map.

Verdansk '84 Map Overview

Since the map is from the 80s timeline, new locations pertaining to that era have appeared. There are several new locations, and more might get discovered throughout the season. Here is a rundown of every new/reworked location of the Verdansk '84 map:

Gora Summit

gora summit in Verdansk'84

Gora Summit boasts a sprawling complex with a central island base. There are three gondola stations with working gondolas in the area and a lower river valley that can be accessed by foot. There is a huge viaduct that connects two mountains, one of which is the base for the Gora military complex. Below the viaduct is sprawling lush land with small compounds in it. Gora Summit is a massive location and might become one of the new hotspots.

Dismantled Stadium

stadium in Verdansk'84The place where once the old Stadium stood now has become a constructions site. There is a lot of machinery in the area hinting that the Stadium is being constructed. It is in general, a much more open area when compared to the previous Stadium.

The announcer booth and the archaic scoreboard in the area make for a great vantage point. There is also an interior and underside walkway that leads directly into the pitch of the Stadium and is big enough to accommodate a cargo truck.


array in Verdansk'84

Perhaps the biggest landmark and certainly the easiest to spot in Verdansk '84 is the grid radar Array. The giant tower-like structure is located in the center of the map and is certain to attract a lot of players. Overall, it is a high-risk high reward location and is likely to become a graveyard of many players.

Salt Mine

salt mine in Verdansk'84

Formerly known as Quarry, the place consists of numerous old mine conduits and a large craggy hillside to explore the containment ponds. The woodland above Salt Mine is a great place to watch the action down below and take some easy shots.


superstore in Verdansk'84

While Superstore remains in the new Verdansk '84 map, quite a bit has changed inside it. The interior lighting is much brighter, giving those pesky Roze skins nowhere to hide. The roof is now completely open, which could make some very intense vertical gunfights.

Broadcast Tower

broadcast tower in Verdansk'84

Just like the Stadium, the Broadcast Tower is under construction. It is now more accessible, with a stairwell running to the top of three unfinished floors. The Broadcast Tower is a great vantage point and provides a view spectacular for long-range takedowns.


factory in Verdansk'84

The location, which previously consisted of a car dealership, large silos, and the water treatment, has now completely changed into Factory. It now features four large warehouses, numerous outbuildings, and a parked plane. This area is loaded with loot and might become the new most popular spot on the map.


airport in Verdansk'84

The Airport is much smaller in size compared to the previous Airport of the old Verdansk map. There are constructions taking place in the Airport as well, and it is in pretty stable condition, unlike the previous one.

Apart from these locations, there are some sealed places on the map which are not currently accessible. The Old Mine along the northwestern edge of the map is currently blocked off. However, along with close inspection, it's clear that there is something inside the mine, and the area will likely open in the future. The Gulag has also been changed, and there are now two buildings across each other in the Gulag area. One of the buildings is accessible from inside, and players can go up to the second floor. Finally, there is also a large tank in the area which is not functional.

Overall, the general theme of the map has been changed and now resembles the Soviet Union architecture. Unlike the previous Verdansk, which was set in fall, the current one is from the spring of 1984. The gloominess from the previous map has been reduced a lot, and the colors used now are more vibrant.


Hopefully, this guide helped you with the Verdansk '84 map in Warzone and Cold War. If it did, let us know in the comments, and share it with others as well!

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