"The Rescue" Quest Information

  • Mission Number 3
  • Story Chapter Prologue
  • Mission Type Main Job
  • Quest Giver Wakako Okada
  • District Cyberpunk2077 watson exteriors overview 1043 450Watson
  • Location Scavenger Hideout
  • How To Unlock The Rescue is the first mission following the montage of Jackie and V’s six months of living and working together. It is automatically unlocked and cannot be skipped.

The Rescue is the game's first real mission set in Night City. It begins directly after the player sees the montage that gives the players insight into how Jackie and V become close after their initial meeting (this, of course, depends on your choice of lifepath). This mission also has the interesting distinction of being the first publicly shown gameplay from Cyberpunk 2077. 

After completing Practice Makes Perfect, the mission begins in earnest. 

Jackie and V have been tasked with rescuing a young woman from a group of Scavs who are bent on stealing implants and selling them on the black market. The Fixer who arranged this gig, Wakako Okada, wants you to ensure this does not happen to her client. 

"Wakako Okada's got us a gig. Fixer got an SOS call from one of her clients, Sandra Dorsett. All signs point to her having been plucked off the street by scavengers. Motherfuckers are in the biz of carving people up and selling their implants on the black market. Think it's time we paid them a visit. Whaddaya say, ese/chica?"

"The Rescue" Objectives

  • Follow Jackie
  • Hack the door and enter the apartment
  • Check the dead body
  • Defeat the scavenger leader
  • Find and save Sandra Dorsett
  • Wait for the Trauma Team and place Sandra on the stretcher
  • Call Wakako
  • Ride with Jackie
  • Defeat the scavengers
  • Go home and rest

"The Rescue" Walkthrough & Strategy


Upon arriving at their destination, Jackie gives V a Militech training shard. This shard begins the Practice Makes Perfect mission, which is an optional training mission. Following this, the two exit their vehicle and ascend to the apartment where they believe Sandra is being held. 

While riding the elevator, the player is fully introduced to the Netrunner T-Bug who is there to assist with anything hacker-related. She gives V information on the client, whose name is Sandra Dorsett


After exiting the elevator, there is a long hallway leading to the apartment. About halfway down the hallway, turn to the left and V will have the opportunity to tell an older female tenant to remain in her home. 

Upon entering the apartment, you will notice that there is a large stockpile of electronic scrap and general junk. It seems clear you are in the right place. Before you encounter any of the Scavs, you will come across a woman whose body appears to have been harvested. She appears to be disemboweled and her implants have been taken. Scanning the woman reveals that she is not the target, but it is a grim reminder of the danger she faces. 

The next room will contain the mission's first enemy, who is standing over a freezer. This provides the opportunity to sneak up and do a combination attack/body dump.


Moving on from this area is where the game begins to let you choose how to deal with enemies. If you completed Practice Makes Perfect, you will be familiar with the basic hacking functions that can help you make short work of even a room full of Scavs. One of the better basic hacks is Reboot Optics, which allows V to take out the vision of an enemy, though at early stages the hack is brief so make sure to act quickly!

If you choose to enter the room blasting away at the enemies, the area's mini-boss will reveal himself from behind a walled off section. He has a heavy weapon that can do a considerable amount of damage to V. However, he can be taken down by using cover and well-placed shots. 

It is also important to note that the room is filled with many useful items that can be looted. You can wait until the room is clear to loot it, which is undoubtedly the safer choice, but then you would lose out on trying some of the items that can be found.


After taking out the enemies and the boss, Sandra can be found in a back bathroom in a bathtub filled with ice. V must pull her body out from beneath another poor soul who was likely going to be chopped up for implants a well. Connecting V to Sandra’s biomonitor reveals she has platinum coverage from Trauma Team. V must clear a virus that is blocking the distress call from being sent out, and once this happens, Trauma Team is dispatched to the location. V must carry her out to the balcony and allow the medics to take her. Once that happens, the mission is essentially complete. 

"The Rescue" Best Choice

We chose a mix of hacking and guns blazing, but there are likely far stealthier approaches. In any event, it is clear that this game offers a wide variety of solutions to problems, and you should experiment!

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