"The Nomad" Quest Information

  • Mission Number 1
  • Story Chapter Prologue
  • Mission Type Main Job
  • Quest Giver Jackie Welles
  • District Cyberpunk2077 badlands 1 982 450The Badlands
  • Location Badlands; Night City
  • How To Unlock Automatically Unlocked
This is the first main job of the Nomad Lifepaths route. V meets Jackie, who needs help with transporting a parcel.
"Yo, V, every story's gotta start somewhere, right? Even if it means that "somewhere" is in the middle of nowhere and the most nova place to hang is a dusty-ass fuel stop. You abandoned your nomad family to come find the dude who hired you, to smuggle something for him 'cross the border. This guy will change your life, chica/mano.

A good kid from Heywood with stolen corporate cargo in hand, border guards breathing down your neck and a brutal heat haze melting the horizon. This is what freedom looks like. And if smuggling's what it takes to live it, then smuggling it is. But if that's not motivation enough, there's a fat stack of eddies waiting at the end of it too. All that needs doin' is moving the package from A to B. Simple."

Work In Progress Guide for the Main Quest The Nomad in Cyberpunk 2077.

"The Nomad" Objectives

  • Take off your emblem
  • Fix the engine and get into the car
  • Talk to the officer and leave the garage
  • Go to the telecom tower and connect your sat phone to it
  • Head to the meeting place and talk to Jackie
  • Drive to the state border 
  • Enter the building next door for further interrogation
  • Talk to the state border security officer. Bribe him and he will let you go
  • Return to the car and fight off any pursuers
  • Talk to Jackie

"The Nomad" Walkthrough & Strategy


The Nomad mission begins in an Auto Shop somewhere in the Badlands. V, looking at himself in a mirror, discusses what is wrong with his car with the mechanic, Mike. Mike tells V that the part he needs isn’t in stock, which V balks at and attempts to fix the vehicle himself. While doing this, they are both interrupted by the local Sheriff, who informs V that he should have made his presence in town know to him.

V, knowing that he needs to use a device to locate Jackie Welles, is able to bypass the Sheriff and climb a tower, discovering that Jackie is located near the border. After meeting with Jackie, they pick up the package they are supposed to smuggle into Night City. They make their way to the border station to enter Night City.

At the Border station, V attempts to talk his way through while Jackie reluctantly gives the guard a bribe. The two make it through the station, but V has a bad feeling after meeting with a guard to give him the bribe. As they drive away from the station, it initially appears as if they are safe, until suddenly Arasaka security appear on the horizon and attempt to form a roadblock.

Jackie quickly turns around and the security gives chase through a chemical plant. V fights back from the passenger window and destroys several of the Arasaka vehicles. They are able to escape from their pursuers long enough to hide in a garage, where they decide to look at the contraband that almost got them killed. Inside the box is a live iguana.

This is where the Nomad prologue ends.


"The Nomad" Choices & Best Choice


"The Nomad" Tips & Tricks

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