Prison Break is a Campaign Story Mission featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022), involving protagonist Soap.

It's the 14° Modern Warfare 2 story mission in chronological order, and it takes place in Las Almas, Mexico.

Prison Break Mission Info

  • Mission Number 14
  • Location Las Almas, Mexico
  • Date November 03, 2022
  • Protagonist (Playable) Soap
  • Available After Mission Alone
  • Users Rating
    3.5 of 5 (2 Votes)
  • Prison Break Mission Objectives

    Here are the mission objectives for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 story mission Prison Break:

    • Follow Rodolfo
    • Clear guard patrols
    • Climb guard tower
    • Breach security room
    • Use CCTV
    • Plant explosives [4]
    • Regroup with Ghost
    • Breach prison cells
    • Free Alejandro
    • Free Alejandro's soldiers
    • Reach cells exit
    • Go to the armory
    • Lead prisoners to exit

    Prison Break Mission Walkthrough

    These are the step-by-step instructions on how to complete Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 story mission Prison Break:

    How to Complete Prison Break Mission in Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

    Prison Break starts with your team loading out from the truck. It takes place in Mexico. Follow the Ghost running through the cliffs and mountains. Your goal is to break into the prison as the mission's name suggests.

    You need to take down one of the snipers on the prison tower. You can scan for enemies with your scope to see where everyone is. The helicopter will go over your head. Now you need to drop the target on the right in front of the truck.

    Move forward a bit and take down two enemies on the right from the armored truck. You can align your shot to take out both of them with one bullet or take two shots in short succession. Approach the prison with Ghost.

    prison break

    Climb up the line to the tower. Use Ascender by pressing square on PlayStation or x on Xbox. Go inside the tower and drop down the ladder still following the Ghost.

    Drop down on the ground level and sneak your way toward the building. Use close-range weapons for interior fights. There will be two enemies inside the brick building.

    prison break

    Use the cameras and watch over Ghost as he breaks further into the compound. Look for other cameras to switch the view. You can give orders to Ghost by pressing an appropriate button. A similar sequence to those known from the Watch Dogs series.

    You can switch between the cameras by pressing triangle on the PlayStation controller or y on Xbox. You can order Ghost to either Shoot by pressing r2 or go for a Knife Kill by pressing r1.

    prison break

    Aim at the ground and press xA to tell Ghost to change position. Help him eliminate all the enemies silently. If you draw any attention the mission will fail. Use the surroundings to your advantage.

    Move ghost up the ladder, there will be three guards there, one standing still and two patrolling the area. You can drop down and kill the first guard silently and drop the body into the trash. Flan one enemy from the right and kill the remaining one.

    Move ghost out to the street, move him behind the pickup truck so he can plant the bomb. Head left avoiding detection from the guard above the ground on the catwalk.

    prison break

    You can use the distraction below the balcony, to eliminate the enemy that will be checking what happened by hiding behind the box and waiting for him. 

    Maneuver around the covers and eliminate all enemies from behind, the path does not matter as long as you don't get caught. Then go to the left where you can sabotage another pickup truck. Move closer, and eliminate one guard patrolling the area silently.

    Plant the next charges on the car. Approach enemies and eliminate them one by one from behind. Navigate Ghost around in a way that he doesn't draw any attention. Plant explosives at the APC.

    Be careful of the enemy on the roof. You can go up the ladder on the left side of the building to get rid of him in style. After clearing the area and planting another explosive go through the hole in the fence and hide behind the boxes. Eliminate the enemies and plant the last bomb at the APC.

    Now it's time for you to join the fight, follow Rudy through the already cleared area, and join Ghost. Take out any remaining enemies and approach the building with the green door. The doors will be locked but all you need to do is knock, and they will open it for you.

    The fight will break loose so you need to gun down all the enemies inside the prison. It is a prison break after all. Go up the green stairs to the second floor. Open Alejandro's cell and rescue him from prison. Go up the stairs again, you can refill your items and ammo here.

    prison break

    Clear the corridor and help Alejandro Vargas free his soldiers from other cells. You need to press the controls on the left to start a rebellion in the prison!

    Jump down to the canteen and fight your way through. After clearing the area follow your squad and open the door. Go down the stairs, refill your backpack, and proceed further. Another wave of enemies to deal with.

    You can now detonate the cars with the explosives that Ghost planted by pressing square on the PlayStation controller or x on Xbox. Shoot your way past the buildings the basketball court, and the benches toward the exit!

    If you ever feel lost feel free to press the Touchpad on PlayStation to see the current objective and directions. Watch out for the chopper! After it crashes run towards the green flare on the ground and Ascend on top of the prison wall.

    Gun down approaching enemies from the top. You can find a lot of weapons inside the turret on the right. Some heavy weaponry at your disposal, grenade launcher, sniper rifles, and more. Defend your position, and take down snipers on the roofs.

    prison break

    Jump down the wall to complete the prison break and escape from the enemies, enter vehicles thus ending mission number fourteen named Prison Break.

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