Alone is a Campaign Story Mission featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022), involving protagonist Soap.

It's the 13° Modern Warfare 2 story mission in chronological order, and it takes place in Las Almas, Mexico.

Alone Mission Info

  • Mission Number 13
  • Location Las Almas, Mexico
  • Date November 03, 2022
  • Protagonist (Playable) Soap
  • Available After Mission Dark Water
  • Rewards Calling Card: "Shadow Company Ops"
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  • Alone Mission Objectives

    Here are the mission objectives for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 story mission Alone:

    • Survive
    • Find a sharp weapon
    • Get a gun
    • Take the tunnels to reach the Church
    • Navigate through the tunnels
    • Meet Ghost at the Church
    • Reach escape vehicle

    Alone Mission Walkthrough

    These are the step-by-step instructions on how to complete Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 story mission Alone:

    Mission number thirteen starts with you bloodied on the streets of Mexico. You need to make your way through the street, answering Ghost over the radio. You can choose dialogue options by pressing the appropriate button on the d-pad dpad on PlayStation or Xbox.

    Achievement / Trophy Warning: To earn the "Gunless" achievement you need to finish the mission without firing a gun. 

    How to Survive Alone Mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

    Your only goal here is to survive! It is a mission where you need to hide, wait for enemies to pass, and avoid them at all costs. You are hurt and unarmed so focus here.

    MW2 Mission Alone

    Go left on the first crossroads right behind the green building. Move there and sneak behind the car. Go inside the building on the left and carefully open the white door. However, it is not that simple, the door is locked.

    Behind you will be another set of doors that will be open. You need to find materials to craft a Pry Tool in Alone Mission in Modern Warfare 2. Behind the door, you will find a Rope on the corpse and some Metal in the opposite corner of the room.

    MW2 Mission Alone

    You need to open your backpack by holding up on the d-pad on PlayStation or Xbox. Select the Pry Tool and craft it by holding x on PlayStation or a on Xbox.

    MW2 Mission Alone

    Now you can open the previously locked door by holding square on the PlayStation controller or x on the Xbox one.

    Behind the door opposite the corridor you walked into the room you will find some more Metal. Now go through the second door, but be careful there will be enemies there.

    Go up the stairs on the right. There you will find someone dying under the lamp. Go right from here and you will find a Headlamp. On the right from the Headlamp, you will find some Binding (duct tape). You can activate the Headlamp by pressing down on the d-pad on PlayStation or Xbox.

    MW2 Mission Alone

    MW2 Mission Alone

    Be careful with the headlight. It can make your life easier but also attracts enemy attention. Turn around and open the door on the left to the bathroom. There will be another set of the locked door but you have both items to craft another Pry Tool and open the locked door.

    There is nothing in the blue cupboard, so you can proceed forward. You will see a dog on the left that might scare you a bit but it is harmless. His barking however will attract some attention to this place. You need to move quickly. Go to the opposite side of the cage and jump off the balcony to the streets.

    After falling down move forward in the direction of the church where you are supposed to meet Ghost. You can always press the Touchpad on PlayStation or Xbox to see the direction you need to be moving towards. You will find a locked gate and some more Binding there. Now turn around and go back towards the balcony.

    Turn right and go down the path and then right once more up the stairs to the second floor of the building. You will find some Wax on the way. You should reach the fountain in the center by that point.

    MW2 Mission Alone


    You will find some bottles laying around, you can use them to distract enemies and make them move in any way you want. Distract the guard and go into the La Dulce store. You can find some more Wax there and another bottle. Wait for the guard to pass and open the door on the other side of the shop. 

    MW2 Mission Alone

    After exiting the store you will find some more Binding on the small fountain. Pick it up and go forward to the left of the Binding. Enter the clothes store on the right. There will be even more Wax there and another Blue Cupboard. You will find some Chemicals there and a mouse Trap.

    You can combine Chemicals with Wax and make a Smoke Bomb. It could come useful, but most of the items you find and craft are not needed to beat this level, but they are useful in helping you do that. Now you can exit the store.

    Go right twice, and go through an open window. You will find a black box with some Explosives and more Binding inside. On the right will be another Trap. You can also now combine Binding, Trap, and Explosives to craft a Mine.

    MW2 Mission Alone

    After you exit the shop there will be another black case to the right also containing a Binding and Explosives, even more, Mines yay!

    Go back and at the crossroads, there will be an open door where blue lights come out. Be careful for the guards though. When you enter the room you will be able to find the Knife on a dead Shadow Company soldier which will allow you to kill guards instead of avoiding them. 

    MW2 Mission Alone

    Go out the window and pick up another Trap from the trashcan.

    You can either kill the enemies or finish the mission stealthily it is up to you. Now after you take down a guard you will be able to pick up their guns.

    Go back to the La Dulce store and turn left at the crossroads. You can basically take all the enemies down now. Check where you need to go and move towards the light down the path. If you see the red window to the right you are on the right track.

    MW2 Mission Alone

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    Jump down and head right. Be careful about the green door. It is trapped. Open it slowly but do not go in there that way if you want to live. You can go around and jump through the window avoiding the mines. You can pick up a Shotgun (a Lockwood 300 Shotgun) disarming the mines, pick up the Metal, and craft the Pry Lock.

    MW2 Mission Alone

    It can be used to open the black box behind you. You can jump over the white car and open the black box. However, you need to go back inside the room with the green door and head up the stairs.

    On the second floor, you can find more Wax in the bathroom on the left, and Binding with another Trap in the blue cupboard. Another Binding is laying next to the TV.

    You can craft whatever you want with the items you find. Go back to the main corridor of the second floor and open it. There will be a dying man on the other side but you cannot help him. There is yet another black box on the right with some Metal next to it.

    It is locked but you know what to do by this point. It is almost like you are playing a Resident Evil game and not Call of Duty. This box contains more Explosives and an Adrenaline Shot.

    MW2 Mission Alone

    Enter the Coffee Shop. There is another black box there with Explosives and a sight attachment. More Metal and Binding in the room next to the box. Collect all the materials you want or need in the area, you have plenty of those by now.

    Move down the building and go outside. Be careful of the guards but you should be able to handle them now with your new-found shotgun. After you killed some enemies, see which direction is the church by pressing the Touchpad on the PlayStation and move towards it across the street from the Coffee Shop.

    You can move down the alley with parked cars in it and go into the El Libertino bar from the side. Even more materials and a black box there if you need them.

    Go outside the bar and up the stairs above the bar. It is a great recon place where you can see where the other enemies are. There will also be a new crafting ingredient in Oil. Combine it with Bottle and Binding to create a Molotov.

    Get rid of the enemies or avoid them and jump down the balcony and go left towards the water canals. Go through a big open gate and jump down into the water. Swim through the tunnel avoiding more enemy forces or making them disappear yourself.

    MW2 Mission Alone

    Go up the stairs on the other end of the tunnel. You should see the church in the distance. We are almost there! The road is blocked, so turn right, climb up the car, and to the alleyway. Go into the building on the left.

    There you will find a brand-new M4. You can pick it up, might come in handy. Go out the door of the pinata shop. You will get knocked down but the Ghost will cover you from the church. Now you need to fight your way through and reach Ghost ASAP.

    MW2 Mission Alone

    Go all guns blazing through the middle of the street or use shops to flank enemies and take cover inside. No matter the path you need to reach the church and meet with the Ghost.

    He will jump outside the fence. You need to work together and obtain a vehicle. Cover Ghost and reach the vehicle, stay close together so you can have each other's backs. Run back the way you came from and enter the pickup truck. Jump in and finally finish up the mission Alone.

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    Modern Warfare 2 Crafting Recipes for Alone Mission:

    • Mine = Explosives + Trap + Bindings
    • Smoke Bomb = Chemicals + Wax
    • Pry Lock = Binding + Metal
    • Molotov = Oil + Bottle + Binding

    Modern Warfare 2 Alone Mission Safe Codes:

    There are 2 Safe Codes in Modern Warfare 2 Alone Mission. The safe code to open the first strongbox in the Alone Campaign mission of Modern Warfare 2 is: 10-10-80

    The second Safe Code in Alone is: 37-60-80

    The first Safe is located inside the Mechanic Shop during the Alone mission. The key is on the calendar. Inside it, you will find a silenced pistol (.50 GS Handgun). 

    Modern Warfare 2 Alone Mission Safe Code

    The second Safe in Alone is a mechanic garage and it contains a Crossbow. The code is on the computer.

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