Classic horror lovers are in luck. One of the most promising adventures for this summer is Tormented Souls, the work of Dual Effect and Abstract Digital. With a proposal similar to what we could see in the first Resident Evil, its release date is now confirmed. It will be next August 27 when we can enjoy the dark scenes of the title. It should be noted that it will be released in both physical and digital format that same day for PS5, while Xbox Series stays with the digital version, beyond that of Steam. We were lucky enough to get a Tormented Soults 40-minute demo, so today we present you a Tormented Souls Demo Walkthrough!

We will have to wait a little longer until you have access to the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch editions, which do not yet have a release date. On Sony and Nintendo consoles, there will also be a physical and digital format for Tormented Souls.

Tormented Souls Demo Walkthrough: How to Escape the Room and Find Lock Password

Tormented Souls Demo Walkthrough

What does its plot propose to us? Our task will be to control Caroline Walker, who awakens in a mansion in the isolated town of Winterlake. She is connected to a medical team and her objective will be to escape from the confinement in which she finds herself.

Of course, you will not be alone. The old inhabitants of the mansion will start to go crazy, so we will have to arm ourselves with all kinds of resources and thus make our own weapons. The puzzle section will be present, with special emphasis on the mirrors, which will act as portals to another place and time.

If you want to try Tormented Souls, this is the ideal opportunity. The development team has released a 40-minute demo, both for PlayStation 5 on the PlayStation Store, and for PC on Steam. And maybe you got stuck with your first puzzle with that padlock with a number key.

It is a puzzle that must be solved in order to leave the room, as the key object to open the bathroom door is inside the closet.

Although there are few items in this room to interact with, the first thing you will get will be William's diary, which is simply to mislead as it contains two figures that could well be the key. But no.

The key, worth the redundancy, is the pocket watch that you will find in the little door to the left of the closet located above the sink. This little door can be opened by pressing the button (you will have to move the cursor of the magnifying glass closer) and then take said watch. Then, when examining it, click on the button on the top to show its interior. And the solution is precisely your time.

So that you have no doubts, the password is 1235.

With this, you will keep the padlock in the inventory and you will be able to open the little door on the right, where you will find an old and rusty key. The funny thing is that you should use it with the bathroom door, the one that does not have a knob. But to open it, you will have to examine this tool to adjust the size of its jaw. In this way, it will act like a knob with enough grip to get out of there.

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