Thanks to the Caves and Cliffs update part 1 that is now available for both Bedrock and Java Edition, a multitude of new features, environments, animals, and even copper ore have been included. This copper mineral is very particular because it can also oxidize over time, a mineral that will be great for creating copper ingots that we can later use to create different structures. Not only are we going to tell you how copper oxidizes, but also what are all the oxidation stages since there is more than one, how we can prevent copper from oxidizing, or even how to reverse the changes. So, stay tuned to learn all about how to prevent copper rusting in Minecraft!

How to Prevent Copper Rusting in Minecraft

How to Prevent Copper Rusting in Minecraft

The first thing: copper oxidizes over time and has four oxidation states: normal copper, exposed copper, degraded copper, and oxidized copper.

Types of oxidations and their colors

It is essential that you know all these oxidation phases of copper because it will allow you to know the moment in which they are:

  • Copper in its normal state does not oxidize and has a bright orange texture
  • Copper in the exposed state is already in the first oxidation stage and begins to turn slightly green.
  • Copper in the degraded phase already has an advanced oxidation phase and is almost completely green
  • In the final state of oxidation, the copper has completely turned green.

Some notes:

  • Blocks that are not oxidized are more likely to oxidize when surrounded by oxidized copper blocks.
  • Waxed copper blocks do not rust and can even preserve the oxidation phase they are in forever.

How to avoid copper oxidation

For this, you can make use of the diapers, wax them and thus prevent them from rusting. Best of all, by waxing a block in a particular state of oxidation, it will stay that way, allowing us to create curious structures of different colors.

If you want to remove the wax, simply use an axe to scrape it off and it will again be prone to rust.

Reversing oxidation

But if you don't like a block being rusted, you can reverse the oxidation of copper blocks using lightning, although this will require a thunderstorm, a lightning rod, and even some enchanted trident with channeling.

An axe can also be used to remove oxidation from copper blocks. In this case, when using the axe, the oxidation stages would be removed one by one. Unlike rays that remove oxidation at once, with the axe, what you would do is remove oxidation one by one per stage.

So now you know how you can take advantage of copper oxidation, how to prevent copper rusting in Minecraft in Minecraft, and how exactly it works. And for more guides on Minecraft, stick around here, at GamesAtlas.

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