From all the NPC's in Hades, Supergiant Game's new success, Achilles, the legendary Greek warrior, Hero, and the current master of arms of the House of Hades, is without a doubt one of the best and most charismatic ones.

Achilles, having been in charge of training Zagreus since he was little, is a mentor for the young prince, as well as one of his most loyal friends. But as the Trojan War tells us, his history, as well as the one of the love of his life, the warrior Patroclus, is a tragic one. 

We will now show you how to reunite them again. 

How to Reunite Achilles and Patroclus - A Step-by-Step Guide 

In Hades, after Achilles made a deal with Hades to save the soul of his beloved, Patroclus can be found in his chamber Elysium, the domain closest to the surface, and it's the only shade friendly to Zagreus in the domain. On it, he will offer Zagreus a list of temporary boons.

To reunite Achilles and Patroclus, Zagreus needs to increase their favor to the available limit. This can be done by gifting them with bottles of Nectar to increase their affinity gauges.

  • Keep in mind that, until his identity is revealed, you will not be able to gift Patroclus with Nectar.

After unlocking both of their favors to the maximum value available, Patroclus will then ask you to deliver a message to Achilles in the House of Hades.

Achilles then will, after receiving the message, ask Zagreus to help him find a way to go to Elysium, with can be done by talking to Nyx and locating the pact signed by him in the Administrative Chamber.

  • You can gain excess to the Administrative Chamber by buying back your house privileges with the House Contractor. 

Then, you will only need to go to the House Contractor and alter the terms of the signed pact in exchange for 5 Diamonds.

  • You can get Diamonds by beating the Bone Hydra with different types on Infernal Arms and on different Heat Levels. You can also get diamonds by exchanging goods with the Wretched Broker on the lounge. Where you can get a Diamond in exchange for ten bottles of Nectar. 

After reuniting the two of them, you will be able to see them together at Patroclus's resident chamber at Elysium. At long last reunited. 

It's good to point out that, even after finishing his quest-line, Achilles will also be able to be found in the House of Hades. 

Hades was released in September 2020, and since then won the hearts of many, and numerous awards, including Game of the Year in the BAFTA Game Awards 2020, and the awards for Best Action Game, and Best Indie Game in The Game Awards 2020. 

Hades is currently available for PC, - via Steam and on the Epic Games Store - and for the Nintendo Switch. Don't forget to check out our other guides related to the game here

What are you waiting for? Don't miss out on one of the best rogue-likes ever made, and go help Zagreus forge his own destiny! 

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