Returnal is one of the toughest titles you'll find in 2021. Housemarque's new work exclusively for PS5 tests players in hard-hitting matches. One of its highlights is the appearance of bosses, those special enemies that will put us on the ropes again and again. As part of our detailed guide, today we will focus on how to defeat Ixion in Returnal, the second final boss of the title.

How to Defeat Ixion in Returnal

How to Defeat Ixion in Returnal

Ixion is located atop the Crimson Desert Mountain, the last part of Returnal's second level. Things with this flying monster get serious. You will be required to sharpen your senses and have two buttons ready: the jump button and the escape button. You will have to pay attention to the sky and the visual details of its modeling, which will give you clues about what it will do.

As we always tell you, each of Returnal's bosses has 3 health bars; as you destroy them, he will become a more dangerous threat. Your attacks will evolve.

Ranged weapons are good companions. Either the tachyomatic carbine or the spiral destroyer will serve you great against Ixion.

First phase

Its first phase has little to do with those that come later. Its attack distribution is calm; slow, even. He shows you his cards with a cornet of energy balls that crosses the playing area but can be easily evaded.

The other two attacks you should pay attention to usually occur at a safe distance from your position, acting as a shotgun and power machine gun. He emits energy balls in waves, more direct than the cornet, but nothing you haven't evaded before. When you finish with that life bar, the real combat begins.

Second stage

When you break the first life bar, you must make sure to stay as far away from Ixion as possible.

The beginning of this second phase catches you off guard. It is placed in the centre of the map and sends you to a ghostly world where it emits pulses of energy and launches massive waves of energy balls. Here you must survive, neither more nor less. Always try to jump to the rhythm of the pulse, and do not let the balls touch you.

When he's done, he leaves the map and attacks in flying lunges that emit impulses again. We recommend that you play with helmets: you will be able to locate its position easier when it is out of our field of vision. Then chain the machine gun and the cone that we already know, and then use another unprecedented attack: it is placed off the map and launches a vertical laser, followed by a cloud of remote control projectiles towards your position.

You must take advantage of the moments you have in static to land blows. Don't be in a rush, but don't extend the fight unnecessarily, either. Use your secondary attack often.

It is vital that you complete the second phase within the first attack cycle.

Third phase

The third phase is easier than the previous one.

You just have to be aware of the change in elevation that the combat takes. Now, Ixion will rip his arm to melee attack you. The mechanics work like this: jump to your position, attack against the ground, and emit a pulse of energy at high speed. Prepare to leap forward the moment it hits. In this way, you will avoid the damage of that red circle.

The rest of the attacks are reinterpretations of his machine gun and shotgun. The latter, for example, emits two types of shots at the same time: the red balls will go slow, while the glowing ones will go at full speed. Evade, attack, and use caution. You will be victorious in a few minutes.

Now that you know how to defeat Ixion in Returnal (at least in theory), get out die and try (emphasis on try… it’s hard) and why not check out more guides on the best games around, here at GamesAtlas.

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