The name of the studio, DigixArt, may not tell you much ... but things begin to change if we mention its founder, the veteran, Yoan Fanise, responsible for Valiant Hearts among others. After leaving Ubisoft, he chose to create his own independent studio. The objective? Create the games you wanted with complete creative freedom, and cover topics that you are passionate about, such as war or road trips. And as we are going to see in the analysis of Road 96 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Road 96: All You Need to Know About the Game

Road 96


The action of Road 96 takes place in Petria, a place dominated by an iron fist by the tyrant Tyrak, from which many young people, disillusioned with the future, try to flee. The winds of change are blowing thanks to elections, and the player will be able to take part in the future with their decisions. Run away from the country? Vote one way or another? That is only the beginning...


We embody several of these young people in their attempt to leave the country behind and cross the border. Thus, as in a "road movie" we will have to hitchhike, talk to strangers and immerse ourselves in all kinds of situations, some of the surreal, like catching a hitchhiker who threatens to kill us when we meet two hooded men who seem to be half crazy.


Road 96 features a procedural or procedural-generated narrative, somewhat reminiscent of the adventures of The Walking Dead. Our decisions will mark what happens in the future, our relationship with the characters or who lives and who dies. The idea is that, with each game, we see different things.

The history of Road 96 is structured in chapters, and our progress is marked by a road map, through which we progress thanks to small "playable areas", in which we usually meet someone and interact with him, or simply contemplate a bucolic setting.

Sometimes we can decide if we continue with them, if we get out of the car earlier, if we continue on foot ... decisions that will mark what we will see next, in many cases.

In fairness, these little playable zones are just that, small, and as a general rule there isn't much to do. Some object or collectible, some puzzle or minigame and talk and decide.

There are areas where there is a bit more exploration, but the truth is that it is a pure and simple narrative adventure, without the freedom of movement that it could offer, for example, Firewatch.


Graphically, the game is on point We are talking about a study of 15 people, of a title that puts the story before anything else. The models of the main characters are correct (others not so much), the environments convey what is sought ... it is a correct game, without anything more.

On Nintendo Switch, which is where we have played it, there is no lack of the usual reduction in quality in textures and models compared to the PC version, but playing on a laptop is hardly noticeable. Of course, in the larger spaces, you will notice some popping.

Thus, with everything, Road 96 has in its narrative and its ability to catch with various situations (some tense and well turned out) its greatest weapons. It's not a novel visual, but don't expect an adventure with deep gameplay either.

Final Words on Road 96

It is a modest game, and in that context, it moves like a fish in water. Therefore, it has all the good and all the bad of many games that have pursued that idea: the feeling of decision is relative in many points, and the game takes you on the planned paths.

But its beautiful song to freedom, rebellion, and reflection makes Route 96 a remarkable companion to enjoy the last summer trips, whether or not they are by road…

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