The Peripheral only keeps getting better the further it delves into its science fiction. Here's our The Peripheral Episode 4 Review!

There's always a new mystery on The Peripheral, but "Jackpot," the fourth episode, is about obtaining some resolution.

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The Peripheral Episode 4 Review shows us that with nuanced storytelling and a consistent stream of intriguing concepts, Prime Video's new science fiction show, which is based on the 2014 novel by William Gibson, has had a good start.

The Peripheral Episode 4 Review

"Jackpot" maintains the momentum while spending a little more time developing the numerous plot points and characters the show has already developed.

The viewer was left to learn more about the series' more malevolent players when we last left off with episode 3's Haptic Drift, especially in a well-portrayed Corbell Pickett and doctor Cherise, who both have clearly succeeded in their roles as a stern Bond villain (Cherise) meets breaking Superbad (Pickett).

This leads to discoveries in this week's episode that are less overt but more subtly indicated, raising the stakes as the series moves toward its inevitable conclusion.

The Peripheral Episode 4 Review

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The Peripheral Episode 4 Review – The Plot

Jackpot proved to be a "jackpot" for The Peripheral, as it painted a bleak picture but also made for the best episode of the season.

The level of intrigue turned to a hundred as we learned what happened to the world between 2032 and 2099. The Jackpot may not have given us many answers, but we did get one major show question answered: what happened between 2032 and 2099?

As far as we do not want to spoil anything, there is one simple clue we might give you – A WHOLE lot of terrible events. They call this mass of events the Jackpot, which was told through fascinating imagery surrounding Flynne.

The special effects in this scene were incredible, and we really enjoyed the different ways they showed Flynne and, ultimately, the viewer what transpired over these 60+years.

This episode also gives us, as mentioned in the title, an acceleration of the plot. Finally, we got an episode in which, in my honest opinion, I have not felt bored any time and also were surprised when it ends - the momentum was so fast that I have not felt the time that passed.

The episode also includes the first real drama scenes, as far as using Peripheral starts making first troubles Flynn - both mental and physically way.

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The Peripheral Episode 4 Review

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The Peripheral Episode 3 Review – New Expectations?

The new episode always brings up new mysteries and gives answers for previous ones - things are same for the episode 4. Finally, we reached the point when that action takes control over describing a new world and rules - and this fact brings the acceleration, which we hope stays with the series to the end.

The new episode brings some new characters deeper into the plot. This may give us much more action scenes and - from what we have loved the Westworld and now The Peripheral - CGI scenes and some new technologies brought by.

As far as there were some concerns before about the slow and steady expansion of the plot, episode 4 changes everything by 180 degrees - now the action starts being more and more immersive and time-consuming.

The beautiful side of this series, which was kinda taken from Westworld, is the whole mystery - along with new reveals, more questions are coming by - which makes the mystery only expand.

By this episode, we can only say that we can not wait for the next episodes revealed in the next weeks. What do you think about the storyline of the Peripheral? Are you getting immersed by it or maybe you just get bored of repeating schemes? Feel free to share Your opinion below!

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