Grinding Gear Games just announced Path of Exile Events 2022 that will happen in November. The first will happen 4th of November.

Path of Exile is a Hack–and–Slash game that guides you through Wraeclast and allows you to take revenge on people that exiled you.

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You can create a character out of 7 different classes (one can be unlocked in the campaign and once unlocked character can be chosen at any time).

What Path of Exile Events 2022 Can We Expect?

There will be three events in total. Each event has different rewards that you can get. The first one will happen 4th of November and is named Mayhem. The Mayhem event takes classic Path of Exile league modifiers from Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Herbringer, Delirium, and Scourage and pushes them to the extreme.

In each area you will encounter magnified league modifiers, for example, normally you would get one breach per area but in this event, you will get ten breaches.

Each area in Wraeclast will have one of these mods, along with two different mods from a pool of mods that increase the difficulty of monsters in the area. Mods will change every hour. The event will last 10 days (until the next one starts).

Path of Exile Events 2022

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

The next Path of Exile Event that will happen is Endless Delve. This event will start on the 14th of November and will last until the 21st of November which means the start of another event.

Endless Delve will happen in the already existing league mechanic which is Delve. you will get unique starting items that are not possible to acquire in a normal game and it will help you to get through the first levels of delve. 

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In this event, you will basically travel through the mine with the sulfur cart that will cast some light around it. You won't be able to leave the Mine Encampment. At level 1 and every 10 levels until level 70 you gain 3 passive skill points to compensate for quests where you get skill points in a normal campaign.

Also at levels 33, 55, 68, and 75, you will be granted ascendency points from the labyrinth so you can get power up for your characters that will struggle through enemies while mining.

Path of Exile EventsPath of Exile Events 2022

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

Last but not least Path of Exile Events 2022 is named Delirium Everywhere. This event starts on the 21st of November and lasts for 7 days. A dense fog hangs over Wraeclast, the continent now enthralled by Delirium.

Almost every area in campaign and endgame maps is covered with Delirium fog. The fog ranges randomly from 10% to 100% of Delirium with the minimum and maximum level of Delirium scaling with the level of the zone.

This behaves like always, which means that monsters are buffed, new monsters are spawning, simulacrum splinters are dropping, and reward bars are filling upon killing monsters.

In comparison to the last Delirium Everywhere event, there has been a reduced amount of delirium in the early stages of the campaign to make it possible.

Path of Exile Events 2022

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

What Rewards Can We Get In Path of Exile Events 2022?

In each event, we can get rewards that are dependable on what level you reach as every character you create per event. There is also available to get a mystery box, but it is rewarded once per account.

You only need to reach level 50 in any of the events that will be happening. Going back to rewards you can get from every event, as said earlier it depends on the level you reach during events.

It starts from level 60, then goes up to level 70, level 80, level 85, level 90, and level 95. Of course, a higher level means a higher value of reward but there is a restricted amount of rewards for each level.

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For example, at level 95 in Mayhem, you can get Dragon Hunter Wings, Revenant Armour Pack, and Misery Aura Effect but each has only 50 pieces of them. Similar in lower-level cases. At level 70 you can Vampiric Portal Effect, Divine Arcane Portal Effect, or Resonator Portal Effect, but each has 1000 pieces of them.

Of course, reaching level 95 doesn't mean you will get only rewards from level 95. Every reward for levels before is possible to get but it's all a random draw. Also when you create for example two characters that reached level 80, you will get two draws for rewards up to level 80.

Path of Exile Events 2022

Credits: Grinding Gear Games

Exact Times That Path of Exile Events 2022 Will Start


  • Starting at 1 pm 4th of November (PDT) which is the 4th of November 9:00 PM (GMT +1)
  • Ending at 12 pm 14th of November (PST) which is the 14th of November 9:00 PM (GMT +1)

Endless Delve:

  • Starting at 12 pm 14th of November (PST) which is the 14th of November 9:00 PM (GMT +1)
  • Ending at 12 pm 21st of November (PST) which is the 21st of November 9:00 PM (GMT +1)

Delirium Everywhere:

  • Starting at 12 pm 21st of November (PST) which is the 21st of November 9:00 PM (GMT +1)
  • Ending at 12 pm 28th of November (PST) which is the 28th of November 9:00 PM (GMT +1)

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