This Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide will let you know how to play by a book, but can't teach you how to react to every situation in the game. After reading that you will be able to grasp the basics of this hero.

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Kiriko is a ninja healer who is aided by her kitsune spirit. She can throw protection Suzu to her allies, or kunai against her enemies. She is a family friend of the Shimada Family. She also trained in the early days with Genji and Hanzo.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide – Abilities

Wall Climb (Space) – Passive Ability: Kiriko can climb up walls when you face the wall, then press and hold the space bar as long as you want to climb.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide

Healing Ofuda (Primary Shot) – Weapon: Kiriko channels a burst of healing talismans that can seek targeted allies. They can't go through walls or enemy barriers. She throws two talismans per burst up to 5 bursts before she needs to reload. Each burst heals 26 health and travels 20 meters per second.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide

This ability is toggle type, which means you need to press Left Click a second time to stop casting healing talismans. After being thrown, talismans are either yellow or blue. Yellow indicates that they are seeking an allied hero, and blue means they don't have a target but still can heal if they collide with an allied hero.

Kunai (Secondary Shot) – Weapon: Kiriko throws projectiles that deals increased critical damage. Kunais travels at the speed of 70 meters per second and deals 40 damage to the body and 120 damage to the head. She can throw up to 12 Kunais before reloading and the reload time is 1 second.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide

Swift Step (Left Shift) – Ability: Kiriko teleports directly to an ally, even through walls. This ability has 7 seconds cooldown and a range of 35 meters. Swift Step has brief casting animation that can be interrupted. This ability cleanses Kiriko from most of the negative effects.  

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide

Protection Suzu (E) – Ability: Kiriko throws Sacred bells that break upon impact, and allies in the area become briefly invulnerable and are cleansed of most negative effects. This ability has 14 seconds of cooldown and heals 50 health. Its area of effect is 5 meters and lasts for 1 second. If there is an enemy in range of Suzu he will be slightly knocked back.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide

Kitsune Rush (Q) – Ultimate Ability: Kiriko summons a fox spirit that rushes forward, accelerating the movement, attack speed, and cooldowns of allies that follow its path.

This ability lasts for 10.5 seconds and has 25 meters maximum range. Movement speed, rate of fire, and reload speed have 50% buff and cooldowns have 3 times cooldown reduction. Kitsune Rush stops upon collision with terrain but goes through enemy barriers.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide

All the above screenshots were taken by Game Atlas, Credits: Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide – Playstyle

Kiriko is a very skilled hero that requires management of the ability to spread damage dealt and health healed. Her critical strikes are very deadly to enemy damage and support roles. Playing as Kiriko you are supposed to stay in the mid-range from the battle, but sometimes you will need to commit to going next to your teammates that got caught and save them with Suzu or Healing Ofuda.

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Kirikos Kitsune Rush is probably the most powerful ultimate that is actually in the game. You can easily push enemies with every ally you have and kill them, then push the payload or capture the point. As Kiriko, try to match your Ultimate Ability with enemy cooldowns, for example after Ana shot her Sleeping Dart and missed it could be an opportunity that will allow your tank to smash enemies as he wants.

Overwtach 2 Kiriko Guide

Is Kiriko In the Meta?

After this Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide, you should be able to come to conclusions with it on your own. Yes, Kiriko is in meta and as long as she won't get nerfs She probably will stay as meta, her Swift Step combined with her Suzu can easily change the team fight in your team's favor.

As mentioned earlier in Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide, her Ultimate Ability is probably the best ultimate in the game right now, and can easily push when needed. Of course, there will be some counters such as Lúcio's Sound Barrier and Mei's Blizzard but She is not in a great spot right now.

Overwtach 2 Kiriko Guide

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