Gotham Knights All Playable Characters List – a question that comes to the minds of players around the world with the near release of the new WB game.

Which characters will You be able to play as? The Gotham Knights will launch on October 21, 2022, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam).

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This new game focused on DC Comics characters is going to be set in an open world, in the city of Gotham. Gotham Knights pull together several different characters from The Arkham series including Batgirl, Robin, and some more familiar faces.

The story is set after Batman dies, and Gotham is sent into a spiral of violence as rival gangs fight to fill the vacuum. It’s the first fully cooperative game in the series, allowing players to team up to fight bad guys.

Gotham Knights All Playable Characters List 


Gotham Knights All Playable Characters

Credits: WB Games

Batgirl is the first woman playable character in the Arkham series. For comics enthusiasts, there is no other more recognizable character with a bat on the chest (except Batman, of course) than her. Only a few people can match Barbara Gordon in terms of raw willpower, determination, and skills.

Barbara was always in the center of the crime-preventing world, cause having one of Gotham City’s most well-known police commissioners as a father must have had a massive impact on her.  After a face-off that put Barbara in a wheelchair, she became Oracle, powerful information and communications expert.

With extensive training and rehabilitation, she recovered from her wounds and returned to active duty as Batgirl. Placing Batwoman in Gotham Knights All Playable Characters List is surely a bold move, giving the fresh option to discover the City of Gotham as Barbara Gordon.

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Gotham Knights All Playable Characters

Credits: WB Games

Dick Grayson is the most recognizable of the three ex-protégé of Batman. He is the most charismatic of the Batman Family, as he takes a lot after Bruce Wayne during growing up. He grew up in a circus family, so he values close personal bonds.

Dick believes that, for the fight to be worth it, there must be something real to fight for; and that something has always been other people. He was Batman’s first before becoming a hero in his own right.

Red Hood – Gotham Knights All Playable Characters

Gotham Knights All Playable Characters

Credits: WB Games

Reed Hood, famous through his original name – Jason Todd, former Robin in the life he had rejected. Now he is an intense and volatile anti-hero. This all stems from the fact that he died a violent death and was then forcibly revived by one of Batman's most dangerous enemies.

He has a hard time keeping his temper in check, but he does not hesitate to put himself in the line of fire when a friend is threatened. Red Hood wants crime to pay, because Gotham City is built on a foundation of corruption, and he has been the victim of it far too often.

After being resurrected, he not only not loses his memory of training with Batman, which had given him to master many martial arts and the ability to use any kind of weapon, but also gains some magical powers.

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Gotham Knights All Playable Characters

Credits: WB Games

Robin is a character that is described by more than just one person. Robin always means the student to the master, who obviously in this continuity is Batman. This edition of the Batman protégé is Tim Drake, the third person who works alongside The Dark Knight as Robin. 

This Robin is the youngest of the Batman Family. He is also the smartest one and a master of deductive reasoning. Tim is a firm believer in Batman's mission and is driven more by the conviction that Gotham City needs a hero than by personal loss.

Batman was a mentor of the highest caliber, embodying the type of man Tim hopes to be one day and, who knows, maybe wear the mantle of The Dark Knight himself.

Gotham Knights All Playable Characters List – Summary

Gotham Knights will be part of The Arkham series, set in a very similar world as the previous games from the game developers, but does not follow every train from the previous parts. For example, the character Red Hood is a completely different one from the Batman Arkham Series, which show us that the game is going to be set in a new timeline with new stories to tell. 

The Gotham Knights List of All Playable Characters looks interesting enough, but is it enough?

Do you think that this game is going to follow The Arkham series' success? Does the lack of a Batman character have any influence on that? What are your predictions of the story that the game is going to show us? And most important, will The Dark Knight himself makes a cameo or even appear as a part of the story? Feel free to share Your opinion with us!

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