BDs are one of Night City’s most lucrative markets, but the darker side of BDs, XBDs, are the creation of true monsters. This is the context around the Cyberpunk 2077 Monster Hunt Gig.

Cyberpunk 2077 Monster Hunt Walkthrough

Regina Jones will call V and ask you to take on a Gig involving a sadistic XBD scroller, Jotaro Shobo. Jotaro Shobo is a higher-ranking member of the Tyger Claws gang, who takes pleasure in torturing his victims for his XBDs, which is why Regina wants you to go to the Ho-Oh Club on Allen Street in the Watson district and get rid of this scumbag Jotaro.

The Ho-Oh Club

cyberpunk 2077 monster hunt gig ho oh club

After you arrive at the location, the Ho-Oh club in Watson, you’ll need to go inside. One inside, you can ask around at the bar for info on the whereabouts of Jotaro Shobo. The bartender will get cautious with his speech and suggests that you stop poking around for Jotaro and that the Tyger Claws are watching.

Finding Jotaro Shobo

The minimap will indicate that you enter a door with beads behind a guard to continue the search for Jotaro, but this will require some skillful diversion.

You can either quickhack the guard with a non-lethal quickhack like “Reboot Optics” or distract him by hacking the vending machine to make the guard move a bit, or you can go behind the bar, getting his attention and then moving away from the back of the bar to lure him away from the door. This will allow you to sneak in the front entrance.

Another option is that you exit the bar again and find the fencing to the right side of the entrance of the club. Open this metal door and climb up the ladder on your left. Go up the stairs and use the Technical Ability trait to open the door at the top of the stairs.

cyberpunk 2077 monster hunt gig sneaking

(Image Credit: IGN)

If you go through the front entrance past the guard you distracted, you will have to sneak up the stairs to the top floor to find Jotaro. However, if you chose this path you will have to deal with a large group of enemy Tyger Claws on the top floor, and stealthily taking them all out will be quite difficult.

The better option is to go the side route past the Technical Ability door, as you will be able to make your way around the building to the casino, skipping a huge portion of this area, and avoiding a large amount of Tyger Claw gangoons.

Once you’ve found Jotaro on the top floor, you can take him out non-lethal or kill him, the choice doesn’t affect the outcome of this gig.

Leave the Club

If you decided to take the main route upstairs to take out Jotaro, you will have to fight through another group of enemies coming up the staircase from the bottom floor. However, if you chose to make your way to the top floor through the side route, you will be able to escape the same way you came, avoiding a lot of conflict.

Once you’ve left the premises of the club, the mission will be complete and you will receive your reward from Regina Jones. The reward for this mission is 1,310 eddies (eurodollars), 235 XP, and 528 Street Cred XP.

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