Genshin Impact is full of characters capable of performing extremely well in multiple roles, a prime example of that is the ever dutiful maid Noelle, who can both deal a lot of damage and support the party efficiently. With that in mind, we will now show you a Noelle build sure to help you sweep the battlefield clean. 

Noelle Build: It's Time to Sweep it Clean

genshin impact noelle build item set

Original Images: Genshin Impact Wiki 

For this build, we will focus on using Noelle as a burst DPS, which can shield the party from damage, heal them efficiently, and deal a massive amount of damage, especially if her 6th constellation ''Must Be Spotless'' is unlocked. 

The Best Offense is a Great Defense 

With that in mind, the Retracing Bolide full set, since it offers a 35% boost in shield strength, and increases her Normal and Charged Attack damage by 40% when protected by a shield would be our main choice. The use of a Geo Damage Bonus Goblet is also essential, to increase her Burst damage.

  • The Retracing Bolide set can be acquired by completing the Domain of Guyun, so get ready to spend that resin. 

The use of a full Gladiator's Finale set can also work wonders since it offers an increase in overall attack and normal attack damage. Just keep in mind that, if you plan on using the Elemental Burst to its fullest, is important to use a Geo Damage Bonus Goblet. 

  • You can get the Gladiator's Finale set by beating world bosses. 

Unleash Your Noble Phantasm

In the weapons department, as both of Noelle's abilities scale of her defense, the Whiteblind would be our main choice, for its stats and taking into account how every player can acquire the weapon and refined it to its max level relatively easy. If the bosses help, of course.

The Serpent Spine and the Blackcliff Slasher can also work well since they offer a great amount of Critical Rate and Damage.

On the 5-star side, if you were lucky enough to get The Unforged, the weapon would be our main choice since it offers a huge Shield Strength boost, and a 4% ATK boost per hit, maxing up at 5 stacks. The Wolf's Gravestone and the Skyward Pride can also work wonders. 

Talent's wise, we advised you to focus first on her normal attacks ''Favonius Bladework - Maid'', since is the lifeblood of any DPS, and then focus on her Elemental Skill ''Breastplate'', and on her Elemental Burst ''Sweeping Time'', according to your gameplay style.

  • A lot of different characters can work well with Noelle, using Albedo as a shield and energy support is extremely advised if you decide to use her as a main DPS, making use of reactions is also a great way to increase your damage.

This build makes sure Noelle can work extremely well not only as a burst DPS but also as shield support and a healer. Don't the Knights of Favonius know what they are missing?

You can get Noelle right now, as part of the new event featured banner "Ballad in Goblets", with features not only her, but Venti as its 5-star, and Sucrose and Razor as its other 4-star characters. 

Genshin impact is currently available for the PlayStation 4PlayStation 5mobile devices, and PC, don't miss out. 


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