Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1 is needed for people that want to climb ranks faster.

In competitive mode, you play with and against people on more or less the same level as you, which results in more even games that take more time to end.

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Some people that start playing late in the season might get depressed when they are clearly better than others in the game but still can't win. This tier list is exactly for players like that.

Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1

Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1

Screenshot: Game Atlas, Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Meta Heroes in Overwatch 2

As for meta, we have two tanks, three damage, and two supports. As for tanks the most powerful tank, for now, is D.va. She has a lot of mobility with her low cooldown Boosters, a Defense matrix that blocks projectiles that are coming her way, and 650 health points divided for 350 health and 300 armor. In comparison, Zarya does not have the mobility which puts her slightly below D.va.

Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1

Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Going further we have three damage heroes: Genji, Sojourn, and Sombra. We can't really compare those heroes because they all have a different roles to do. Genji is an "Assassin" that takes care of the enemy backline and can basically one–shot opposite support and evacuate thanks to his cooldown reset on his Swift Strike.

Also, his Dragonblade enables him to deal with 4 out of 5 enemies with 2 swings. When that happens he gets a lot of attention on himself, which allows his team to follow and basically hit enemies on their backs.

Sombra is rather annoying than strong, but that annoyance causes enemies to focus on you, and in the end, the game looks like 4 vs 3 and 1 vs 2. Sombra can easily stay in a 1 vs 2 fight thanks to her Translocator that instantly teleports you away from danger to the place chosen earlier.

Her Stealth allows her to sneak behind the enemy's backline and Hack one of the enemies. It lasts only for 1.75sec but its cooldown is very low considering how powerful ability it is. Her ultimate ability uses Hack on every enemy in a radius of 40 meters and destroys shields and also slightly damages enemies.

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Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1

Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Sojourn is damage that has consistent damage which is great to destroy enemy shields. She herself doesn't need any shield or cover in front of her to hide because she can simply escape with her Power Slide.

Her ultimate allows her to hit multiple enemies with her Secondary Fire and thanks to that she has one–shot potential on enemy supports and even some damage heroes.

Going down in Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1 to supports, we have Kiriko and Lucio. Kiriko is a new hero that was recently added to competitive games. She pretty much makes every hero a meta tier.

Being able to teleport to allies behind walls, giving them invincibility and increasing movement speed, cooldown recovery and fire rate make her pretty much playable in every team comp.

Despite being a support she has increased damage with critical strikes, but most of the high elo players do around 90% healing and 10% damage with her.

Last but not least, we have Lucio. This hero is a passive healer that allows him to roam around and make damage enemies while healing or speed–boosting allies and himself. He can move fast thanks to his Amp It Up and Wall Ride which makes him always first on the battlefield.

His Soundwave can bump enemies from the edges of the map, which gives him more options to defeat enemies and in addition annoy them. Most Lucio players have aggressive styles of playing him, but it doesn't mean he is helpless in team fights.

Sound Barrier gives him and nearby allies a 750 shield, which counters nearly every damage-dealing ability in the game.

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Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1

Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Other Tier Heroes

As for other heroes than meta, they most likely lack two or three things that are in meta-tier heroes. In a huge majority, those heroes lack mobility or the ability to stay 1 vs 1 with the enemy mirror role. There are also heroes that are counters only to take versus bad enemy match-ups.

Will Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1 Make Me Better?

Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1 cannot assure that you will play better. It just allows you to play heroes that are better on paper. If you want to play better you should watch better players and play one hero to the level you can tell that you feel comfortable in picking it on competitive mode.

Of course, diamond Hanzo will contribute more to the game than bronze Genji. To climb faster in the rank ladder I recommend you to play heroes from the meta tier or good tier. 

Overwatch 2 Tier List Season 1

 Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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