All the characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake have their distinct playstyle. With that in mind, Tifa's combat style is one of the most entertaining and fun to perform in the game. Giving the player the ability to make use of many moves and deliver series of heavy and mortal strikes. 

We will now guide you on how to find and unlock all of Tifa's weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Ready? 

How to Get All of Tifa's Weapons

Leather Gloves

tifa's weapons leather gloves

Credit: Final Fantasy VII Wiki

Tifa's default gloves. They offer the player the Divekick ability, which will let you kick your enemies to oblivion, dealing high damage.

Metal Knuckles

tifa's weapons metal knuckles from final fantasy vii remake icon

Credit: Final Fantasy VII Wiki

The Metal Knuckles are Tifa's best gloves for those looking only at physical damage, but its lack of speed puts it down the tier list. You can get the weapon during the game's fifth chapter ''Dogged Pursuit'', after defeating the Crab Warden boss.

The weapon gives players the Overpower ability, with is composed of a series of kicks, great for pressuring enemies and finishing combos.

Sonic Strikers

tifa's weapons sonic strikers

Credit: Final Fantasy VII Wiki

Can be found during the game's seventh chapter "A Trap Is Sprung", during the ''Sentenced to Death'' sub-quest, in a purple chest.

The gloves offer a great number of material slots, but low physical damage;

They can give Tifa the Focused Strike ability, allowing her to evade and counterattack with a heavy hit, increasing the enemy's stagger gauge considerably.

Feathered Gloves

tifa's weapons feathered gloves

Credit: Final Fantasy VII Wiki

For me, the best weapon for Tifa in the game, the Feathered Gloves offer the biggest amount of speed in the game, which we all know, is vital for a fighter.

The gloves also offer her the Starshower ability, which an insane amount of damage in a series of hits, and increases the overall attack of your next command.

The weapon can be found during Chapter 10, "Rough Waters", after opening the floodgate and going down the stars.

If missed, you can buy the weapon in the Shinra Building, close to the endgame.

Mythril Claws

tifa's weapons mythril claws

Credit: Final Fantasy VII Wiki

Can be obtained after beating the Failed Experiment boss in Chapter 13 ''A Broken World''. Is the pair of gloves that offer the biggest amount of Magic Damage, put the lowest amount of physical damage. 

The Mythril Claws offer Tifa the Chi Trap ability, in which she launches a Chi ball into the field, causing damage to nearby enemies, for a set amount of time. 

Purple Pain

tifa's weapons purple pain

Credit: Final Fantasy VII Wiki

Tifa's last weapon in the game, and one of her best, being able to fit any role well and offering her many boosts.

The weapon can be acquired during the game's 16th Chapter "The Belly of the Beast", in a sequence when Tifa needs to grab the keycard inside a boot, but before using going to the upper level. The purple chess can be located on the left side of the room.

The Purple Pain offers players the True Strike ability, in which Tifa can hit enemies with a powerful charged attack at close range, dealing a lot of damage and increasing their stagger count.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for the PlayStation 4, and on the PlayStation 5, via backward compatibility. The game is currently one of the PS Plus's featured games. A new version of the game, called FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE, will be released on June 10th, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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