We offer you the best strategy on how to defeat Ramuh for the first time in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intermission, one of the most fearsome invocations that you will be able to obtain.

How to Defeat Ramuh

How to Defeat Ramuh

One of the highlights that you will face during this expansion for Final Fantasy VII Remake is the fight against Ramuh, one of those guardians who can end up joining your team if you defeat them and who is not exactly easy to defeat.

It is convenient to know all the attacks that Ramuh uses in battling because it will allow you to know what each of them does, something that will enable us to dodge them.

We are not only going to tell you the special moves that Ramuh has, but also the equipment that you should take to be successful in this complicated fight.

How to Unleash Combat

The showdown against Ramuh will be available after you speak to Chadley for the first time, something that happens shortly after Yuffie's encounter with Avalanche.

Before the Battle

  • It is totally essential, that before facing Ramuh, you have Sonon in your team, so wait a bit.
  • It is also highly recommended that you have a considerable amount of money already accumulated after having done side missions and having overcome so many other fights.
  • Invest the money to buy solid defense apparel for both Yuffie and Sonon.
  • When it comes to magic, the only one we are interested in is Aero, which we can use to do considerable damage.
  • Buy some talisman accessory that is capable of putting our magical defense as high as possible.

Ramuh's Special Moves

  • Levin's arrows act like landmines, so once he launches them, stay away from them under any circumstances.
  • The Luminous Falchion is a physical attack that uses it after teleporting, and you can block it with the R1 to take minimal damage.
  • You could say that it performs a radial attack in the form of a charged current, so once you start using it, which is quite visible, you flee the area.
  • When he fires a series of lightning bolts, you must continuously run on stage to avoid being hit.
  • On the other hand, the voltaic spear is a spear of lightning energy, and once charged, you must be running continuously on the stage so that it does not reach you.
  • For targeted thunder attacks, you must stay away from the enemy, and be continually circling the stage to dodge the three blasts it throws at you.
  • The downside is that at one point in the fight it will launch a kind of charge attack that is inevitable, and it doesn't matter if you protect yourself because it will take a lot of life from you. You must try to be with your whole life to the fullest so as not to lose any of the characters.
  • When it spawns three lightning orbs around itself, you must eliminate each of these orbs before it's too late.

Showdown against Ramuh

  • Bearing in mind the above, we advise you to dodge all the enemy attacks you can and to stay as far away as possible, always on the move.
  • Always use long-range attacks and use the explosive objects that you have.
  • It's critical that you maintain Sonon's health because this character is critical to the last leg of the fight, and he must arrive alive.
  • As soon as you have the two limits on top, the idea is that you use them one after the other so that you can definitely beat Ramuh.

As you can see, it will not be easy to beat Ramuh in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intermission, but knowing all the above, you already have many advantages. And for more guides on the best games around, stick around at GamesAtlas.

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