Within the improved version for PS5 of Final Fantasy VII Remake, we can also enjoy an exclusive DLC called Intermission and where we are invited together with Yuffie to infiltrate Midgar to explore all the underworld of Sector 7. Learn about all the Posters of the Paradise of the Turtles locations below!

Posters of the Paradise of the Turtles Locations

Posters of the Paradise of the Turtles Locations

We have several important secondary missions in this same area, and one of them is the one that invites us to find all the Posters of the Turtle Paradise, specifically six, and we now offer you their locations.

If we complete this search mission for all the posters of the Paradise of Turtles, we will obtain useful material that can be great for Chapter 2, and we advise you not to miss out on it.

Note that this side quest where we are asked to locate the posters of the Turtle Paradise is only available in the slums of Sector 7. To activate it is as easy as talking to the turtle vendor who is dancing outside the base of Avalanche, and it will give you a series of clues about the situation of these posters, although unfortunately, they will not help us much.

Luckily, we have already found all the Posters of the Paradise of the Turtles locations for you:

  • Comment that some children hid it elsewhere, so you must go to the right of this turtle man, locate a group of children playing at the southern end of the poor neighborhood, and behind some boxes, you will find the poster.
  • It tells us that it is floating in the air, so we must go to the southernmost alley in the area until we locate some children looking at a kind of balloon. What you have to do is jump to the box in the corner and use your throwing star to reach the poster.
  • He claims to be near Old Snapper's friend's apartment building. You must go to the second floor of the hotel where a dog is protecting him, so you must hide behind the cage until the dog falls asleep.
  • A cat has stolen it, what we must do is go to the alley to the left of the bar. We will see a fleeing car when we are approaching the area, and we must locate the cat that is located behind the area where we are.
  • On the city bulletin board, the sign is right in front of the abandoned factory on the way to the train station.
  • Located in the old Talagger factory in an area where there are a few boxes that we must destroy.

Once we have found or destroyed the posters, we can gain the Area matter that increases the power of any matter that we have linked.

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