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Demon's Souls Remake is a game that follows the mechanics of worlds divided by phases. Some will be more difficult than others, and not all will be accessible from the start. So that you do not have problems with it, in this section of our guide we will tell you in what order you should complete the five worlds of the game:

In what order should you complete the worlds?

The worlds are divided into several zones, usually referred to by numbers. Thus, the first zone of the first world is 1-1, the first zone of the second world is 2-1, and vice versa. You must bear in mind that until you complete 1-1, you cannot go to other worlds. Also, until you complete 2-3, 3-3, 4-3, or 5-3 you will not be able to go to 1-3.

But first, we have to know more about the kingdom of Boletaria. A place under the rule of Allant XII, a king who ends up awakening an ancient entity. Of course, this works out great, because waking up a sleeping ancient creature ALWAYS GOES WELL. There are several renowned heroes who have tried to go to Boletaria to discover the truth and try to save the kingdom, but none have returned. Will you succeed? Sure you will, you’re the protagonist of this story.

First, you have to die, whether to the Vanguard Demon or to a simple soldier, you will inevitably meet your end.

1-1 Gates of Boletaria

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Gates of Boletaria: the first place we will visit in our mission. Knights and the undead populate the castle walls.

1-2 Lord’s Path

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The Lord's Path: the castle walls connect with the interior area through a bridge protected by a terrible dragon and a gigantic knight.

2-1 Smithing Grounds

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Smithing Grounds: The outer part of the mountain looks simply like access to a mine. This hides something much darker.

2-2 The Tunnel City

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Tunnel City: The inner zone of the mine is no better than the outer one. In fact, there is a fearsome demon guarding the entrance to a hidden shrine.

2-3 Underground Temple

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Underground Temple: A fearsome figure, the largest demon in the kingdom, is trapped under the weight of the mountain.

3-1 Prison of Hope

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Prison of Hope: an ironic name for a prison in which all members of the former Boletarian nobility languish and die.

3-2 Upper Latria

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Upper Latria: the top of the place is full of peaks, from which we will also reach the deepest part of the tower. The place is so alive that there is something like a heart feeding the evil of the area.

3-3 The Ivory Tower

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The Ivory Tower: the monk who polluted the kingdom lives up here. Though fragile, his power allows him to summon allies from other worlds to fight for him... or whatever has possessed him.

4-1 Island’s Edge

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Island’s Edge: The outer zone of the castle and temple is guarded by skeleton warriors more powerful than it appears. There's even a Vanguard demon that could give you quite a scare ...

4-2 The Ritual Path

des4 2

The Ritual Path: we arrive at the temple and the depths of the island. The aura of death roams the place, and this implies that the fallen could rise to face us.

4-3 Altar of Storms

des4 3

Altar of Storms: The gigantic monstrosity that rules the place can only be struck down by a warrior who can wield a legendary sword.

5-1 Depraved Chasm

des5 1

Depraved Chasm: Highest in the valley. There are evil beings that have tried to settle between the cliffs.

5-2 Swamp of Sorrow

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Swamp of Sorrow: A toxic swamp in which the filth itself gives rise to life... or whatever that may be.

5-3 Rotten Haven

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Rotten Haven: the most polluted place in all of Boletaria. It is the home of the saint who yielded to the power of the demons and their guardian.

1-3 Inner Ward

 des1 3

Inner Ward: You will not be able to reach this area without the power of an archdemon's soul. But be careful, because even so, there is a guardian who does not allow anyone, human or demon, to access the royal chambers.

1-4 The King’s Tower

des1 4a

The King’s Tower: King Allant dwells waiting for your arrival. After this, go to the Nexus and you may enter the final area where you face off against the real final boss, being the pushover that he is, you will finish the game in no time.

Something you should keep in mind is that the difficulty is progressive (except in the case of 1-3, which has a much higher difficulty than 1-2). This means that if you have problems, what you can do is complete all X-1s (1-1, 2-1, 3-1, etc) and work your way from there. However, keep in mind that 4-1 and 5-1 have a very high difficulty, so you will surely have to wait until you have a higher level to face them. For the rest, you can start with the world anywhere you want, although we insist on recommending the order of our guide.


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