In this article, we will detail how to get every single collectible in The Medium that is required for the achievements. For a list of all achievements, click here.

Keep in mind, this guide is written in a way that you can grab collectibles as you progress through your playthrough, so have it open while you're achievement hunting. If you prefer a video format, you can check out the following video guide by Maka.

All Collectibles in The Medium

Postcard “Niwa Says Hello” – This postcard can be found in the Niwa building gate’s guardhouse. Grab it before proceeding.

Postcard “Honest Work” – This postcard can be found with the screwdriver, in the car on the left-hand side of the parking lot outside Niwa. You can access it right after a spirit charge puzzle.

Echo – The first echo is in the parking lot outside Niwa as well. This one is on the payphone.

Echo – The second one is inside the building. There will be a shoe laying on the ground, the echo will be on it.

Postcard “Promotion” – This postcard is just past the destroyed rubble of the staircase in the building’s lobby. It will be next to an ashtray near the elevators.

Echo – The third echo is on the second floor of the building. You need to find a key for one of the rooms and enter it, which will be connected to another one. The echo will be in the second room, on a phone. You need to grab this before you proceed to drop through the hole in the floor.

Memory Shard – As soon as you drop through the hole, you will find the very first memory shard on a book.

Mentor Diary “An Apology” – Right after collecting the memory shard, in the same room, you can find the first mentor diary. It’ll be in the sink inside the bathroom.

Echo – Conveniently enough, the fourth echo is situated in a bottle of medicine in the exact same sink right next to the mentor diary.

Echo – Once you get past the grotesque skin wall, make your way to the balcony and into the adjacent room. In there, head to the bathroom and find the fifth echo in the mirror.

Memory Shard – The second memory shard is in the adjacent room that you can enter through the hole in the wall. It is in the bowl on top of the boxes.

Troubled Man’s Note “A Peaceful Place” – Once you make your way past the second moth-filled hallway and yet another grotesque skin wall, there will be a door on the left-hand-side. In there, the first troubled man’s note can be found in a crate.

Troubled Man’s Note “To Do List” – The second one can be found after the Sadness scene. It’ll be on the desk that belongs to Thomas.

Troubled Man’s Note “Getting Stronger” – Behind the bookcase will be a secret room that belongs to Thomas as well. The third note will be in this room on the pentagram on the floor.

Troubled Man’s Note “Fever Dreams” – Head toward the Dayroom, but the actual room will be locked for now. Go right toward a glass door and you’ll find this note behind a pillar.

Echo – When you come across the pool, follow it all the way to the back where you will find some barricades up. The sixth echo will be on one of the barricades.

Echo – Jump into the pool right after collecting the previous echo and interact with another barricade that will be on the back wall.

Echo – Head out of the pool and head through the door adjacent to the barricade where you found the earlier echo. Go through the room into the next one, where you can find a hole in the wall. Crawl through it and find the echo on the pair of shorts lying there.

Postcard “Someday” – After collecting the last echo, head to the back of the room and find the box with the postcard inside of it.

Troubled Man’s Note “Good Old Frank” – After collecting the postcard, head out of the room and head upstairs. In the hallway there, there will be a note lying on the ground in front of a door.

Echo – Further into the story, you will be lead by Sadness to some toys using the Insight mechanic. The toys can be interacted with to get the ninth echo.

Echo – Follow the Insight trail to the pool. It will have a toy dog inside of it, which has the tenth echo.

Echo – Further along the Insight trail there will be a toy bear housing the eleventh echo.

Echo – Even further along the Insight trail you will find a toy tank past the cart that can be moved housing the twelfth echo.

Echo – The thirteenth echo can be found after the second encounter with the Phantom. Run towards the camera all the way down, and hide behind the shelf. Wait for the creature to come down, break the door and head out. When he leaves, you can move around and explore. Head out the door that the creature broke down and head straight across the hall towards the Examination Room. The echo will be in the phone on the wall there.

Postcard “A Scenic View” – Right next to the thirteenth echo, there will be a key on the ground near a cabinet. Use the key to unlock the locked door in the room, and head in. Head down the walkway until you approach a corner. Past it will be a trashcan with the postcard right on it.

Echo – After another encounter with the creature, when you squeeze through into a room, head into another room on the left. Inside, there will be an autographed picture of a ballerina. The echo is on the back of the picture.

Echo – The next four echoes are all together. After going through the mirrors, pick up the torn notebook page. Head over to the notebook and place the page inside it. Each number on this page can be interacted with to access an echo.

Echo – Follow the story until you exit out of the mirror from the other world. You’ll end up in a conference room. Head towards the camera and you’ll find a phone you can interact with, which houses the nineteenth echo.

Echo – When you end up in a room with tables and chairs arranged in a U shape, you can find the echo on the ash tray near the front.

Echo – After freeing Nicholas and Tori, head back into the real world. Go through the hole in the wall right next to the mirror and interact with the wheelchair to get the echo.

Troubled Man’s Note “Dust and Death” – Head to the lobby of the Niwa building before going into the Dayroom. Go past the elevators down the hallway to the locked gate. Use the bolt cutters to break the chain. Head in and find the note on the desk at the very end of the hallway.

Mentor Diary “Throwing Away Greatness” – After the cutscene in the Dayroom, you can find the note on a stack of boxes on the left.

Echo – Right next to the mentor diary page will be a drawing of two horses. This is an echo.

Mentor Diary “A Very Special Boy” – After grabbing the second diary and the echo, head right and grab another mentor’s diary from the couch nearby.

Memory Shard – In the same room as the diaries you just collected, there will be a memory shard in the center of the room on an IV bag.

Mentor Diary “A Well of Inspiration” – In the same room, the fourth mentor’s diary can be found on a chair near the wall with the flowers painted on it.

Mentor Diary “A Method to Madness” – Go back across the room to the left and enter the open doorway next to the couch that had a diary on it. The next diary will be on the desk in that room.

Memory Shard – After the globe puzzle, head onto the balcony and into the next room. The object on the desk next to the piano has the memory shard.

Echo – Leave the room with the piano and make your way past another gross skin wall. This leads to the Dayroom. Once inside, unlock the door and enter the room. Inside, there will be a pen case on the coffee table that houses the echo.

Memory Shard – This shard is on the pair of glasses on top of the L-shaped desk.

Mentor Diary “Growing Apart” – On the same L-shaped desk, you can find the diary.

Mentor Diary A “New Home” – Head down the hallway with the moths and into the room with the big windows. Head to the back of the room from the stairs to a desk with a red chair. The diary is on top of the desk.

Memory Shard – In the same area as the diary page, there will be a painting with the shard on it.

Memory Shard – Use Insight and find a trail. This trail will lead you to a doll near the stairs, which houses the next shard.

Memory Shard – Keep following the trail to a red bow on a table with a white tablecloth housing the shard.

Postcard “Won’t Stop” – When you resume control of the player character, head down the path on the left. Then take the first left to find a bench with the postcard on it.

Echo – Further down from the postcard, there will be an echo on a payphone.

Postcard “Poor Thing” – Back at the four-way intersection like sidewalks, take the top exit. Head down the path until you reach the viewing binoculars with a bench next to them. The postcard will be on top of the bench.

Postcard “Harder and Harder” – Head right until you reach a fork in the road. Head left and keep going until you come across another bench with another postcard on it.

Postcard “Whispers in the Dark” – Continue the story until you meet a dog. Follow it to another fork in the road. Ignore the dog barking at you to follow it down the left path and head right instead. There will be a little area with a bench with a postcard on it just before you hit the river.

Postcard “A New Companion” – Head back to the dog and follow it to a campsite with a tent. After the cutscene immediately turn left to find a postcard on a bench before interacting with the tent.

Postcard “Regrets” – Inside the tent, the postcard will be lying on the ground next to a boot.

Echo – After a cutscene with Sadness, keep walking until a house is on your right and the camera changes. Straight across from the open door of the house is a pack of cigarettes on a rock housing yet another echo.

Echo – Right beside the pack of cigarettes is a tire containing the next echo.

Echo – Head inside the house and you’ll find a wooden horse on a workbench to the right with the next echo.

Troubled Man’s Note “Hell’s Angel” – This note is right above the wooden horse with the echo.

Echo – After collecting the echo and the note, head into the garage. Walk towards the camera to find a tape recorder on the ground with another echo.

Troubled Man’s Note “Something Broken” – This note is right next to the tape recorder, on the bottom shelf of the work desk.

Echo –The suitcase just above the note will have the next echo.

Memory Shard – Head towards the burned-down house. The shard is on a gas can outside the house.

Memory Shard – From the gas can shard, head to the front of the house and find another shard on a rusted object on top of a white crate.

Troubled Man’s Note “Demons” – Head inside the house and towards the blocked doorway. The note will be on the furniture.

Echo – When you gain access to the basement through the broken mirror, head through and find an echo on a teddy bear on top of some boxes.

Echo – You can find this echo on a syringe on a shelf under the window beside the teddy bear.

Troubled Man’s Note “A Different Kind of Sickness” – This note is on a dresser beside the syringe.

Echo – On the other side of the basement right before the exit, there’s an echo on a show on a broken chair.

Troubled Man’s Note “The Missing Piece” – Keep heading in the same direction after getting the shoe echo. This note is on a desk beside the screen opposite the open doorway.

Troubled Man’s Note “Found a Way” – Head through the doorway opposite the previous note to find another one on a box on the ground. The code for the next door is 1966.

Troubled Man’s Note “Separation” – Head out of the basement. You’ll be chased by the creature again. Right at the end of the chase, you can find this note on a pile of wooden boxes.

Troubled Man’s Note “A Relic of the Past” – After turning off the electrified floor, this note can be found in the pump control room.

Troubled Man’s Note “A Thin Line” – After another chase by the creature, you’ll end up in a bunker. Head left and find the note on a metal shelf close to the camera.

Troubled Man’s Note Just Me and Her” – Head out of the room and into the kitchen. This note will be on a metal shelf next to water jugs.

Troubled Man’s Note “Business Card” – Leave the kitchen head down the hallway on the right. Turn right again and keep going until you see an open door with a green light. Find the card on a desk inside that room.

Troubled Man’s Note “Keeping Distance” – Right next to the card will be a bookshelf with this note on it.

Troubled Man’s Note “Hypothesis” – After the bookshelf, head to the far end of the room and up the yellow and black stairs. Interact with the conspiracy-like board find the note on top of a book.

Troubled Man’s Note “Alone” – head out of the room and down the hallway on the left. Head into the room with the busted open door. Go over to the desk on the left of the room with the butterfly pictures around it to find the final collectible of the game.


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