Cyberpunk 2077 Violence Side Job Mission Guide

A mysterious client texts V and asks for a meeting at the No-Tell Motel. What could this be leading to? This is the mystery surrounding the Cyberpunk 2077 Violence Side Job.

Cyberpunk 2077 Violence Walkthrough

V got a text from a mysterious client asking for a meeting at the No-Tell Motel. Head to the motel, following the minimap, and see what’s happening.

Meet the Client at the No-Tell Motel

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job no tell motel

Once you get to the motel and make your way upstairs to the room, you’ll enter and be greeted by a woman made purely of chrome, Lizzy Wizzy, a character voiced by the pop singer Grimes.

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job mysterious contact

Lizzy Wizzy will tell V that she suspects her boyfriend Liam of cheating on her, and wants you to go get some proof of his betrayal.

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job lizzy wizzy

Find Liam at the Riot

Lizzy will say that Liam is typically at the club, Riot, near the Afterlife. Head to Riot and go up to the bouncer who will let you in. You can ask the bouncer about Liam, but if you keep pushing the questions or decide to threaten the bouncer, he will lock the door and you won’t be able to get inside.

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job riot club

Once inside, you can bribe the bartender with 3,000 eddies or threaten him if you have a Body Attribute level of 9 or higher to get the info about Liam’s whereabouts from him. He’ll tell you that Liam is in the VIP room and has been there most of the night drinking champagne, he’s having a party. You can also ask a Night City citizen if they’ve seen Liam and they will tell you that he went into the door “over there,” confirming it’s the VIP room.

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job riot club bartender

Follow the objective marker upstairs to a service elevator.

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job riot club service elevator

Enter the elevator and take it downstairs into a room with a computer and employee badge nearby. Use the computer’s Remote Takeover feature to spy on Liam and uncover that he’s Lizzy’s manager, and has plans to use Soulkiller to preserve (and tweak) Lizzy Wizzy’s engram, some insurance on his business.

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job riot club security computer

Call Lizzy and tell her what Liam had planned for her, and what he was discussing at Riot. Lizzy won’t believe V, so you’ll automatically send her the recording from the cameras you used to spy on Liam. Lizzy will end the call in shock but thank V for helping.

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job riot club data download

Wait a little while for the side job to continue with a text from Lizzy Wizzy.

Back to the No-Tell Motel

Lizzy Wizzy wants you to meet her at the No-Tell Motel again and is freaking out about how urgent it is. Once you arrive and enter the room, the reason for her urgent tone is made apparent. Lizzy killed Liam and needs your help.

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job lizzy liam dead

You can talk to Lizzy Wizzy again and she’ll say how she secretly enjoyed it and likes who she’s become. She’ll ask that you dispose of the body so she isn’t criticized by the world. You will need to take the body out of the room and across the hall to the trash chute to get rid of it, ending the mission.

cyberpunk 2077 violence side job lizzy smoking liam dead

A bit later, Lizzy will text V thanking you for your help and will transfer the funds for the job. The reward is 2,410 eddies.

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