We offer you a starter guide for Returnal, with a series of basic tips and tricks that will allow you to have the key to those first hours of play that always resist us.

One of the releases that the PS5 community most awaited is Returnal, which is already available in stores, and with it a title that is not exactly easy to play since in the purest “Edge of Tomorrow” style, if we are killed, we will start over, but in a world that is changing.

This is a game where the experience of the player is very important because depending on the number of times they die, they will learn what to do and what not to do to prosper as much as possible in the game.

As we know that you will not like to die on many occasions, we are going to give you a series of tips and tricks that you should read before starting to play Returnal, and that will help you to avoid falling into those initial traps.

Accept Death as a Normality

It is part of the experience, you will die, and many times, you will lose items, progress, and it is likely that you will get angry on a lot of occasions. The good thing about this is that you will learn, you will know what you will not have to do in your next game to avoid falling into the trap again, you will see that taking the previous strategy is not the best, or making an attack against a particular enemy is not the best idea. Learn and you will prosper more and more in the game.

Always Choose the Safe Path

The point is to move forward, and although sometimes you consider that a path is too quiet and you are looking for action, always opt for the easy thing, because it is likely that if you are not cautious you will have to restart the game over and over again. Of course, if you opt for a more passive strategy, do not forget to collect the objects that the enemies drop and that are on the ground and that some of them end up disappearing.

Close Combat

While it may sound crazy, there are some occasions where it is much easier to take out enemies with close combat, rather than by shooting from a distance. In general, they tend to be small enemies, difficult to hit, and it will be much better for you to adopt an aggressive strategy with them but only when you have a little experience in the game.

Use All Weapons

Each of the weapons we find may have some new type of trait and may be locked. The way to unlock it is as easy as using this weapon over and over again, and it will be unlocked instantly.

Note that some of these weapon traits can help you advance at a particular moment of the adventure, so if you don't know very well how to pass that group of enemies that is in the background, perhaps the solution is in one of the Locked traits that you have on those weapons that you have previously collected.

Now that you’re a bit more knowledgeable in Returnal’s world and how to conquer it, get out there and die, die and die again. And for more tips and tricks in the best games around, stay tuned, here at GamesAtlas.

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